Hire DevOps Engineers: 9 Best Sites to Hire DevOps Engineer

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June 29, 2024

It can be challenging to hire a DevOps engineer if you don’t know what sites to look through. Your DevOps developer could make the difference between a successful project and one full of problems and arguments.

Perhaps you’re looking for a DevOps engineer who can:

  • Create tools to automate typical tasks.
  • Build out and manage your software platform.
  • Support your software deployment pipelines to AWS.
  • Support campaign operations, such as set up, tracking, and debugging.
  • Use their skills in modeling, SQL, and Azure to grow your business.

When choosing a DevOps engineer for your project, you want to focus on experience. Although it may cost you more upfront, you'll benefit from their years of experience in various languages and working in multiple business infrastructures.

Here are 9 sites where you can find and hire the best freelance DevOps engineers out there. You can either work with a site that does the hiring and testing process for you or pay less and do the whole process yourself. 

9 Best Sites for Hiring Freelance DevOps Engineers

1. Toptal


Toptal stands out as one of the best places to hire DevOps engineers. They do a lot of the work for you by screening their freelancers before allowing them to appear on their site. 

This screening process means that you can trust that any DevOps engineers you find on Toptal are qualified and experienced. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every freelance engineer on Toptal is a perfect fit for your company. 

In our review, we found their five-step process for vetting freelancers was quite thorough. However, nothing beats a personal interview. 

Before approving a DevOps engineer, Toptal tests their

  • Technical communication skills
  • Core computer science skills and technical abilities
  • Pro-active problem-solving capability
  • Ability to deliver a project from start to finish

Toptal also requires continuous proof of skills, ensuring that a DevOps engineer remains up-to-date with current technology. 

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2. OnlineJobs.ph


OnlineJobs.ph is the go-to site for companies looking to hire DevOps engineers from the Philippines. The process is straightforward. Make a company profile, post a job description, and wait for the resumes to stream in.

If you prefer to look for the best candidate, you can also search through available DevOps engineers’ profiles, narrowing your search by skill set and experience level. 

Once you’ve connected with a potential hire, conduct interviews and any skill testing you usually do. The hiring process all happens through OnlineJobs.ph, which allows you to track hours with Timeproof and pay your employees with EasyPay after the first week.

You’ll need a paid account to contact potential employees, but their online guarantee makes a paid account less risky.

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3. Fiverr


Last but not least on the list is Fiverr. Their greatest advantage is a fast turnaround for a decent price (often, $5). Instead of offering hourly rates, you pay per project, which can often benefit the employer.

Like many other freelance sites, Fiverr has a three-step vetting process to ensure that candidates have relevant experience and knowledge. Candidates need to pass two rounds of interviews and then a final niche-specific test to become certified as a Pro. 

If you want to hire a DevOps Engineer, consider upgrading to Fiverr Business. This allows you to connect with senior DevOps Engineers and makes the process simpler. However, it will cost you more.

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4. Triplebyte


At Triplebyte, their intense and stringent vetting process means you’ll only encounter the best candidates for your company. To become a member of Triplebyte, engineers need to pass a 20 question quiz, an interview, a coding challenge, and multiple skill-based tests. 

Because Triplebyte is only for software engineers, you’re bound to find the perfect DevOps engineer for your project. Our review found that the screening process means Triplebyte represents the best of the best, and you will pay accordingly.

If you’re unsure about whether Triplebyte is worth the expense, you can experience it on a trial basis. However, it’s often worth going through a website with a trusted vetting process since it can cost companies over $50,000 to hire a DevOps engineer. 

For companies looking for Silicon Valley level talent, Triplebyte delivers. However, their relatively steep 25% cut could cause issues for smaller startups.

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5. Upwork


For companies who prefer receiving applications to sifting through available DevOps engineers, Upwork is a good option. The process is relatively simple but effective. You’ll post your DevOps engineer job and wait for the applicants to send you their portfolio. You can also look through Upwork’s offering of freelancers, sorted by rating.

In our review, we noted that Upwork’s rating system could have some problems because it allows a vindictive freelancer to tank your review easily. 

However, Upwork is also excellent at filtering out scammers and spammers, meaning that you will be interacting with real DevOps engineers looking for work. Their system also allows direct payment, not only making it easy for you to find and hire DevOps engineers but also pay them without extra hassle.

In addition to the $49.99 monthly fee, Upwork charges 3% per transaction, which is standard across most freelancing boards.

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6. Lemon.io


Lemon.io is similar to other jobsearch platforms, but it has a focus on startups. In 2019, there were 30.7 million small businesses in the US, which includes startups and brick and mortar stores.

The great thing about Lemon.io is that they will suggest DevOps engineers to you. After you give them information about your startup and your project, they’ll search through their vetted engineers to find the best candidates for your team. 

They guarantee that they’ll find you someone within 24 hours, which is a fantastic turnaround time. We appreciate how clear their rates are and the simple payment system as well. 

If you want to hire a DevOps engineer, one of the top priorities is experience. With Lemon.io’s 4 step vetting process, you can rest assured that all candidates are knowledgeable and ready to go.

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7. Stack Overflow Jobs

Stack Overflow Jobs

Stack Overflow Jobs offers two avenues to hire a DevOps engineer. You can either create a job posting on the jobs board or search through profiles. 

They have a vetting process to ensure that those who want to hire DevOps engineer are matched with only experienced applicants through their algorithms. If you want to reach out to specific candidates, they claim that 1 out of 3 candidates reply quickly. 

In some areas, 40% of workers are freelancers. They often juggle multiple projects simultaneously, making finding a candidate that responds quickly and with interest critical for your company.

Learn More:

  1. Go to Stack Overflow Jobs.

8. X-Team


Like Triplebyte, X-Team is exclusively for software developers and computer engineers. This specialization means that you have less information to wade through and that the candidates are generally very experienced.

However, unlike other freelance sites, X-Team has cultivated a team of developers that will work with you for a specified period. They support continued education for their team to ensure that everyone is knowledgeable on the latest updates.

You’ll pay X-Team monthly, and their application system is easy to navigate. Just send a message with your company information, details about the project, and your contact number.

X-Team uses these parameters to choose the best DevOps Engineer for you. 

  • What timezone you work in
  • How many hours you require
  • What experience do you need
  • Your company’s culture
  • Your budget

Because the minimum time commitment is 3 months, X-Team isn’t for every project. However, if you’re looking to hire a DevOps Engineer for a full-time, long-term project, then get in touch. 

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9. Gigster


In 2015, Gigster’s popularity exploded. Instead of focusing on only hiring a DevOps Engineer, Gigster will take your app idea or other technical problem, and with a specifically designed team, will create a finished product.

If you’re a company that prefers building your own DevOps team, Gigster may not be for you. However, if you have a specific project you need to have done exceptionally well, Gigster is the ideal choice. Because of their extremely intensive vetting process, only the best developers make it onto their platform.

Most companies would struggle to attract the talent and technical skills you can find at Gigster. However, because Gigster is a freelance platform, many of their developers work several jobs at once, including the project managers. This could mean that your project might have delays or be at a lower priority than you’d like.

Gigster’s pricing may also be out of reach for some startups. They have a minimum of $52,000 for a project. 

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How to Hire a Freelance DevOps Engineer

Hiring a freelance DevOps Engineer can be challenging. If you’re looking to hire a DevOps Engineer, you’re probably searching for someone with these qualities:

  • IT Infrastructure management experience
  • Knowledge of DevOps tools to automate configuration management like Puppet, Chef, and traditional scripts
  • Comprehension and knowledge of programming languages like Perl, Ruby, Python, and PHP
  • C++ or Java knowledge 
  • Familiarity and experience with IT best practices for high-availability operations
  • Background in IT hardware and operations 
  • Knowledge of the open-source platform Linux
  • Extensive experience with cloud computing and cloud resources including AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure

Depending on how much time you have on your hands, you may want to search through resumes yourself, or you may want to let the experts at a site like Toptal do the work for you.

When it comes to budget, the more experienced DevOps Engineers will generally cost you more money. However, experience is essential for a DevOps Engineer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about hiring a Freelance DevOps Engineer

What is a DevOps Engineer?

A DevOps Engineer is someone with extensive IT experience, who manages other IT personnel, System Operators (SysOps), and software development to ensure that all deployments and code releases go smoothly.

Where can I hire DevOps Engineers?

There are many sites that connect freelance IT professionals with companies. Some have extensive vetting systems, ensuring that all engineers have a minimum level of experience, while others have a broader spectrum of IT professionals available.

You can also choose from sites that connect you with specific DevOps Engineers through an algorithm or one that allows you to sift through profiles and approach the best candidates.

In this review, you’ll find the top 9 sites for hiring Freelance DevOps Engineers.

How much does it cost to hire a DevOps Engineer?

Although rates vary, the average starting salary of a DevOps Engineer in the United States in 2020 is $86,700, and the average national salary is $139,900. If you’re only looking to hire someone for a small project, you can expect to pay $81 - $100 per hour.

What should I look for when hiring a DevOps Engineer?

In addition to having the relevant IT skills (multiple languages, automation tools, stages of the DevOps cycle, experience with turning DevOps assemblies into workflows), you’ll also want to look for someone with several soft skills. 

Because DevOps Engineers are responsible for overseeing IT operations and other team members, you’ll want to ensure they have strong communication and teamwork skills. If you’re hiring remotely, make sure that the candidate is comfortable using Zoom or other chat platforms.

Final Thoughts

If you want to hire a DevOps engineer, any of these sites help. The best site for your company will depend on your budget, timescale, and specific business needs. 

Because of its extensive vetting system, Toptal is one of the best places to look. However, if you prefer to do your own vetting for DevOps skills, or want a more budget-friendly option, Upwork and Fiverr are both excellent options. 

Hiring a DevOps engineer can be more challenging than hiring other high-demand engineers. However, these sites have the know-how and methodology to help you optimize the process. They’ll help you find someone experienced and easy to work with without wasting time filtering through thousands of unqualified applicants. 

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We Examined 9 Websites to Hire a DevOps Engineer

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