DesignHill Review: Is DesignHill Worth It for Hiring?

Jason Quey
November 12, 2020

The number one reason why small businesses fail is that their product or service has no demand. The same is true for startups

In many cases, there is no demand for their product simply because they don't know how to brand or market themselves properly. 

Your brand is everything, and it starts with your logo design. Making sure you have a logo that's going to get your business the attention it deserves is the first step you should take. You'll also want to be sure you have a professional business card design. The list goes on.

Sometimes startups and small businesses can run into problems marketing their products. User reviews like these highlight the issues many businesses have. For example, maybe you don't have a professional designer or another creative type on your team. Or, maybe you don't have a big budget to pay for an expensive team of external designers. After all, 37% of small business owners fund their businesses with their own money.

This is where Designhill comes in. On, talented freelance designers are ready to work for you at a range of affordable prices. Working with freelancers can also pose its own challenges. So, should you use Designhill? 

How Designhill works

It's crucial for a new business to have a robust marketing plan. If not, the effects can be disastrous. In fact, one in seven startups fails due to poor marketing. However, people have started to create tools to help people avoid that fate. 

Designhill is one of many websites you can visit to hire a freelance designer. Others include 99Designs and places like FreeUp. You can check out reliable reviews of each one here

More than 50,000 designers from all over the world are at your disposal on Designhill. There are many different ways you can access their services. It all depends on the service you need. 

Another thing that will matter is your personal taste. Your style will have a direct impact on the end product. Designhill is collaborative. You can rely on the community of designers to be ready to enter into a dialogue and a partnership with you, the all-important client. 

Services Designhill offers 

How can you be sure to find the best designer to suit you and your business's needs? Designhill makes it easy. They make sure every type of person will feel comfortable using their services. It's even noted in an article on Entrepreneur's website that "what makes Designhill different is its ability to provide a creative solution to every type of consumer, whether it is a multinational organization or a work-from-home-mother."

Designhill is also a social platform. You can choose to interact with and sort through as many as hundreds of designers at once. Some people might not want to sort through all those profiles and designs. Those users can choose to hire designers one-on-one. 

Designhill aims to give its customers as much information about each designer as possible. This is to help ensure that you're confident you chose the best designer for your project. One of the things you can see is a designer's overall ratings. You can also see how many design contests they've won. And of course, you can see all the work they've done in the past. 

Design contests  

Business owners often run into problems when working with designers who don't deliver the style or design the owner had in mind. They end up overpaying for a product they don't even end up liking. Design Contests on Designhill are a good way to avoid that problem. 

Design contests on Designhill are simple. All you have to do to start a design contest is fill out Designhill's interactive questionnaire. Doing this will inform the designer what you're looking for. Then, hundreds of designers get to work. They will deliver you their unique take on your business based on the information you provide. 

Design contests will run for five days before it's time for you to make a decision. You'll then be able to sift through hundreds of designs and choose the one you like best. Once you've made up your mind, you and the designer will determine the date that the final design will be delivered. You're able to request as many revisions as you want. 

Price points on design contests vary based on the package you choose. Designhill understands that some people are very particular. You don't have to worry if for some reason you don't like any of the designs. Designhill offers a 100% money-back guarantee. The business owner has to be fully satisfied with the end product before any designer gets paid. 

One-to-one projects 

Perhaps you'd rather work with a single designer. In that case, you'd use Designhill to hire someone for a one-to-one project. A one-to-one project refers to when a client hires a specific designer to work with directly. One benefit of a one-to-one project is price flexibility. Another great thing about the one-to-one projects is that you can see the entire work process from start to finish. 

Many people who have used Designhill before return and choose to hire designers on a one-to-one basis. This could be because they've worked with that designer before. Sometimes designers and entrepreneurs find they collaborate well together. If you haven't used Designhill before, you can browse through the Designer Portfolio page. 

Once you select a designer, you'll have to give them the details of your project. To do this, you'll have to submit a form, including the specifications and deadlines that you require. You can be as specific as you want to be. Even down to what colors you want to see used. Designhill's 100% money-back guarantee still applies. 

Graphic design services 

Another way to hire a designer is by browsing the services they offer. This is for people who are looking for specific types of designs for their businesses. Services include things like professional stationery, characters or mascots, and packaging. You'll go to the graphic design marketplace to invite a designer to work from one of their listed services. 

The Designhill Marketplace

The Marketplace feature allows you to browse graphic designers by work they've already done. First, you can look for a designer with a style you like. You can then check out the designer's reviews. Submit a request if you like what you read. These designers can make high quality designs on anything you want, from menus to name tags. 

One of the best things about Designhill is they are willing to work with you if you're unsure where to start. Working in this way can take some getting used to. Designhill offers customers who would like a little guidance for a complimentary consultation. They can break down their services for you if you want more information. They can also give you tips that will make your experience on Designhill smooth and easy. 

Uniforms and merchandise 

Some businesses require their staff to wear uniforms. You want to be sure your employees look presentable. Another benefit of using uniforms is that you're creating another invaluable opportunity to market yourself. With Designhill's help, you can print the perfect logo wherever you need it. You can choose between custom t-shirts or custom tank tops. Design them yourself or enlist the help of a freelancer. 

These services aren't just excellent for those business owners who want to design and print uniforms. Any business can benefit from wearable merchandise. Always be looking out for opportunities to get your brand out there! They have a whole print shop. Peruse the print shop for possible merchandise, like tote bags or sunglasses. 

Designhill praise and pros

Freelance designers have been flocking to places like Designhill and DesignBro for years now to showcase their work. However, Designhill stands above the pack in terms of sheer options and affordability. Designhill also has a high standard for customer service. Plus, you can be sure you're getting a 100% original design. This is in contrast to places like Freelancer, which is notorious for plagiarism in its design contests. 

Variety, variety, and more variety 

Even if you have a small budget, you'll have a large number of design options available to choose from. While the designer community at Designhill has fewer designers than other platforms like DesignCrowd, they will help you get dozens of designs to help you fast track your success. 

This is especially true if you opt to launch a logo design contest. Designhill promises to deliver at least 35 designs with each design contest, giving you a range of designs from talented designers. Often you'll find this community of top designers to provide even more designs the first time. 

Some designers even submit more than one design themselves. In most design contests, the number of designers who can provide to you is unlimited. However, the maximum number of designs one designer can submit is four. You can spend extra money to have your design contest feature if you so choose. Rest assured that you're still bound to receive a high amount of great designs to choose from. 

You can’t beat their customer service

Designhill goes above and beyond for their customers to create an amazing experience every time. There are several systems in place to ensure that each person who uses Designhill ends up very happy. 

One of the most notable features of their customer service is their 100% money-back guarantee. When you hire a designer, you do have to pay upfront for your design. However, Designhill will hold onto your money until the project is finished. You have to indicate to DesingHill that you are totally thrilled with your design. Then your payment will be released to the designer. If you're not happy with what you receive, Designhill will refund you 100%.

Another significant part of Designhill is that their customer support team is available 24/7 with live chat. They also have a phone helpline that's active from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm EST. 

Designhill complaints and cons

Designhill overall is an excellent service that brings together designers and the people who need them most. However, just like with any other services, there are areas for improvement. In the case of Designhill, the number one complaint that people have is the website can be a little overwhelming. Remember, over 50,000 designers are clamoring for your attention. 

Another potential con for entrepreneurs using Designhill is that working with freelancers can be frustrating. They do minimize the risk of choosing a lousy designer with things like design contests. They also guarantee your money back if you are not satisfied. This includes if you don't enjoy working with the designer. 

If you feel Designhill is not right for you...

Check out our list of Designhill alternatives.

Designhill pricing - What's Designhill’s fee structure? 

Pricing on Designhill depends on the service you're looking for. Each service is priced differently. Most services have different packages available. 

Design contests

The most basic package for a design contest will cost you 249$. It includes at least 20 design choices and unlimited designers. Next up is the standard package for 499$. You'll get at least 40 design options. You'll also get social media promotions. If you have a little extra money in your marketing budget, you could opt for the executive package for 699$. You'll get over 60 designs. Finally, there is the premium package for $999. This includes at least 80 designs. 

One to one design projects 

This is the service with the most variation in terms of pricing. Designhill will always receive a fixed commission of 5%. Other than that, everything is between you and the designer. You can set your own price. Or you can ask for a quote if you're not sure what your budget will be. 

Is Designhill worth it for hiring?

Designhill provides entrepreneurs with high quality experiences with designers for really affordable prices. Their services are wide-ranging. This variety ensures that any kind of entrepreneur is going to be able to find a freelance designer that they enjoy working with. 

Plus, their money-back guarantee makes working with Designhill a great platform to find the best design. Regardless of your graphic design needs such as improving your website design, Designhill has you covered. Working with Designhill is an excellent way for a small business to find its brand and share it with the world. 

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