Hire a Freelance JavaScript Developer or Engineer on These 8 Superior Sites

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January 14, 2021

Adding a seasoned JavaScript developer to your team can help you to build engaging, high-quality websites for your brand. You need someone with a professional skill set to take your website to the next level.

Perhaps you’re looking for a JavaScript developer who can: 

  1. Work with other front-end developers in JavaScript as well as other front-end programming languages like CSS (CSS3) and HTML (HTML5).
  2. Work with JavaScript libraries like React (or ReactJS) to improve user experience and user interface on web pages on your WordPress site.
  3. Use tools like MongoDB, Node.js, and Express.js to build APIs and create back-end web applications.
  4. Use JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, jQuery, and Vue.js to create mobile apps for Android.
  5. Use GitHub to collaborate with full-stack developers on app development and software development projects.

With so many freelancers advertising their services, it can be challenging to pick the right one for your next project. 

Here, we’re going to go over the top 8 sites for hiring experienced JavaScript freelancers.


8 Best Sites for Hiring JavaScript Developers

8 Best Sites for Hiring JavaScript Developers

1. Toptal


Toptal was initially created to match tech freelancers with entrepreneurs searching for qualified talent. 

While the service has expanded far beyond the tech field, Toptal still specializes in front-end and back-end developers. This includes JS developers as well as other web development specialists.

Toptal sets itself apart from the competition with its rigorous vetting process. The site promises to deliver the top 3% of freelance talent. 

There’s even a free two-week trial period where you can put top JavaScript developers to the test risk-free.

Each freelancer must pass a multi-step test covering areas such as language proficiency, professional competency, interpersonal skills, and more. 

Once accepted, qualified freelancers must continue to prove that they can deliver high-quality work consistently. 

Learn More:

  1. Go to Toptal.
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2. X-Team


X-team places a heavy emphasis on tech and web design, with a team of highly qualified JavaScript developers available for hire.

Unlike other freelancing platforms, X-team doesn’t allow just any freelancer to advertise their services. 

Developers have to submit an application to work for the service. X-team will look at factors such as resumes, portfolios, and test scores to ensure that they’re offering the very best talent. 

When you hire through X-team, you don’t have to worry about slogging through applicants. They can quickly match you up with the right candidate, no interviews needed.

This service continually delivers quality work in part thanks to its investment in its own talent. JavaScript developers working for X-team have access to mentors and educational resources to keep their technical skills sharp.

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3. Arc.dev


Arc.dev offers a huge cache of tech talent, including more than 20,000 web developers from across the globe. They have both freelancers and full-time professionals who specialize in JavaScript.

This platform has a strict vetting process that only allows for the best 1.1% of applicants to pass through. 

The site puts developers through screening that includes a skills test, a one-on-one interview, a technical interview, and a final review. It tests applicants based on metrics such as professional skills, experience, and even behavioral evaluations.

You can be assured that whoever you hire through Arc.dev is a top professional in their field. Talent includes former silicon valley employees, PhDs, and other experts. 

There’s no need for you to spend time vetting, which means you can hire new talent in as little as three days.

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4. FlexJobs


While FlexJobs is more geared towards the freelancing side of the hiring process, entrepreneurs can visit the site to find talent listings in more than 50 categories, including JavaScript programmers. 

With a paid account, you can post as many developer jobs as you like to reach a huge pool of qualified candidates. You also get access to an expansive database of professional resumes.

The site offers upgrades to help you improve the success of your search. You can utilize tools such as virtual job fairs and webinars to attract more attention to your project. 

FlexJobs requires a bit more vetting on the user’s part than other freelancing sites. The platform doesn’t screen out many candidates, so it’s up to you to find those that best match your professional needs. 

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5. Gigster


Instead of focusing on individual freelancers, Gigster connects you with a team of handpicked professionals. 

The site takes care of all the time, work, and stress out of hiring freelancers. It will take care of everything for you, from vetting professionals to matching their skill sets to your needs. 

Each team includes its own dedicated project manager. Their job is to help you communicate with your team to bring your ideas to life. 

Many of the JavaScript developers you can find through Gigster are experienced professionals in their field. There are plenty of freelancers who got their start at major tech giants such as Apple or Google. 

Gigster is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to embark on a large-scale project. Keep in mind, however, that custom pricing plans can be pricier than other freelancing platforms.

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6. GoLance


While GoLance is relatively new to the market, it's already made a name for itself as a top freelancing platform.

The site has a simple, user-friendly setup that makes it easy to sort through freelancer profiles and pick someone with the right JavaScript development skills and experience. 

As an employer, you can search for and hire a freelancer directly or post a job opening. Interested parties can bid on the project, giving you the best talent for the lowest price.

GoLance offers entrepreneurs more freedom than other sites in how they search for, hire, and pay freelancers. However, it also places more responsibility on the employer's shoulder.

You have to vet candidates carefully to make sure that you're not setting yourself up for disappointment. You can check their profile, portfolio, and feedback score to ensure that you're hiring someone with the experience you need. 

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  1. Go to GoLance.
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  3. Find GoLance Alternatives.

7. Upwork


Upwork easily has one of the largest available selections of online freelancers looking for work. 

The site boasts more than eighteen million registered freelancers across a wide variety of industries, including a large number of JavaScript developers.

Using Upwork makes it easy to post job opportunities free of charge. You can find both short- and long-term talent depending on your professional needs. 

Upwork has some measures in place for preventing scammers, but for the most part, it’s up to the user to available freelancers. The site can be a little bit hit or miss when it comes to professional talent.

The platform supports video interviews and test projects to help with the vetting process. You can also check out user profiles and portfolios or read reviews from previous clients. 

Learn More:

  1. Go to Upwork.
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  3. Find Upwork Alternatives.

8. Robert Half

Robert Half

Unlike the other platforms on this list, Robert Half is a staffing company as opposed to a freelancing platform. The company has been around for more than 70 years and now operates partly online. 

Robert Half boasts a team of more than one million vetted and qualified individuals. You can find employee titles across a range of industries, including web developers with experience in JavaScript.

You can find both remote and local talent through this platform, depending on your project requirements. In addition to online services, Robert Half has more than 400 in-person locations scattered around the world.

Robert Half helps entrepreneurs across all industries to find talent that suits their needs. They do the heavy lifting, even if you’re looking to hire an entire web development team.

Learn More:

  1. Go to Robert Half.
  2. Read our Robert Half Review.
  3. Find Robert Half Alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hiring a JavaScript Developer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hiring a JavaScript Developer

What is a JavaScript developer?

A JavaScript developer is able to use front-end programming languages, particularly JavaScript, to create a stunning, interactive web application. 

How much does it cost to hire JavaScript developers?

JavaScript developers tend to be in high demand, and as such, the most qualified professionals may charge a hefty rate. Pay will depend on factors such as a candidate’s experience and your expectations for the project. You can expect to pay around $25 to $50 per hour for a qualified individual. 

What should I look for in a JavaScript developer?

You should always look for a JavaScript developer who demonstrates a strong professional skill set that matches your current needs. 

It's a good idea to look at their portfolio to see previous work. If possible, you may want to look through a developer's website or social media pages for other examples. Some freelancing platforms allow users to leave helpful feedback for other potential employers.



It isn’t always easy to find the best web developer for your project. You need a professional who has the experience and the know-how to bring your ideas to life.

With these options in mind, you hopefully have a better idea of where to start in your search for a skilled and experienced JavaScript developer. Just remember that no matter which site you use, you should always do your due diligence and vet any talent before making a final decision. 

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We Examined 8 Websites to Hire an Expert Freelance JavaScript Developer

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