Gigster Review: Is Gigster Worth It for Hiring?

Jason Quey
February 15, 2024

So many startups and businesses have billion-dollar ideas but lack the resources to bring their projects to life. 77% of startups use personal capital as seed money for their operation, and it’s virtually impossible to bring your ideas to fruition without lots of capital.  

For years, businesses couldn't bring the talent they needed to take their ideas to the next level without especially deep pockets. That’s where freelance marketplaces like Gigster come in. makes it easy for businesses to bring their projects to life without having to hire a full-time team of software developers or a dev shop. Whether you want to hire an iOS developer, interim CTO, or a product manager, Gigster has the software engineers for your outsourcing needs.

While the premise of Gigster looks excellent on paper, how does it work in real life? Is Gigster truly the “Uber for Developers”? Today, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this rapidly growing developer marketplace.

How Gigster Works

Gigster kickstarted their meteoric rise in 2015 when they joined Y-Combinator in Silicon Valley. Gigster's goal is to create an easy-to-use and scalable software development agency where SaaS starts and big businesses can find full-time developers. 

How Gigster Works

The premise of working with Gigster is simple. You have an app idea you want to bring to life, but you can’t hire a full-time development team. Even businesses that can afford to hire in-house developers rarely have the means to lure top talent away from the Google’s and Amazon’s of the world. 

Gigster provides clients with a dedicated development and management team on a per-project basis. Now, companies no longer need hundreds of millions in VC funding or a billion-dollar market valuation to work with top developers.

How Gigster Works

First, you speak with a member of the Gigster team and communicate your project so they can produce a quote. You’ll hash out the basic framework of your idea, down to the fine details, and their AI-powered software provides an accurate quote for your project's cost. 

If you accept their quote, they get right to work developing your application so you can take it to market as quickly as possible. Most Gigster teams can be assembled in a matter of days. They typically consist of several developers, a designer, and a project manager that serves as a liaison between you and the app team. 

During the development process, Gigster provides a dashboard that makes it easy to understand the status of your application on its way to completion. This intuitive dashboard includes status updates and information about project milestones, so it’s easy to keep a close eye on things. 

If the project isn’t going as planned at any point during its development, it’s easy to communicate with your project manager and ensure that your project stays on track. Gigster’s AI-powered infrastructure can make adjustments to your team to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget. 

Once it’s complete, Gigster turns over the keys to you, and you become the proud owner of a fully bespoke application. While businesses do concede some control over the development process, the app you’re provided with is custom built to your exact specifications.

Gigster Pros and Praise

Gigster has garnered quite a bit of deserved recognition during their short time as a company. While their service isn’t exactly the reinvention of the wheel, they’ve managed to simplify the development process in a way that other freelance platforms haven’t. 

For businesses, Gigster offers the top-notch talent that it would be virtually impossible for you to find on your own. Their developers come from the most prestigious tech schools globally, including MIT, Caltech, Stanford, and more. 

Beyond studying at prestigious schools, many members of the team come from top tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. Some of them still work for those companies full-time and moonlight with Gigster to earn some extra cash. 

Gigster Pros and Praise

Unlike sites like Upwork, if the talent that applies to Gigster, only the top 7% of applicants are approved to do remote work with the company. So, whether the developers and designers on your team are MIT grads who work at Google or not, you can rest assured that they represent the best in their field. 

The talented developers at Gigster help to remedy one of the most significant issues that’s inherent to hiring freelance developers. Since every member of the team is qualified, there’s no need to worry about vetting applicants or getting a project started only to find out your developers can’t deliver on your vision.

There are other freelance development services out there who can provide similarly talented developers for your project. But, those companies don’t provide the project management that Gigster does, so someone from your team will have to manage the developers. 

Not only will this require someone from your team to manage the project instead of focusing on other work, but the person you appoint may not necessarily have the experience needed to properly run such a project. With Gigster, a dedicated project manager runs the entire development process for you while you focus on running your business. 

Of course, even with a project manager taking care of the project's day-to-day needs, the client still has complete control over the project. The project manager acts as a dedicated liaison between you and the developers. If changes are necessary, you tell the project manager what you need, and they ensure your team carries out the tasks properly.

Another major plus with Gigster is its ability to streamline project assembly and delivery. Gigster has managed to trim the fat to the bone. Their AI-assisted processes ensure that the right time for the project is assembled in record time. The developers’ interface also has a code library that significantly speeds up the coding process, allowing for a more timely delivery. 

Perhaps most importantly, when your project is completed, and Gigster hands you the keys, you own the work outright. All ownership and licensing rights for your project belong to you exclusively. 

Gigster Cons and Complaints

While there’s plenty to love about Gigster, there are a few critical issues that you’ll want to consider before moving forward with this company. 

Gigster’s greatest strength is also one of its weaknesses. What they say is true, an incredibly talented development, design, and management team staff comprise gigster. Their project managers are experienced and capable of bringing your project to fruition. 

But, virtually all of Gigster’s staff works for the company on a part-time basis, including project managers. Since most of the platform is moonlighting with Gigster in their spare time, there’s a chance that they aren’t going to bring the same passion and drive to the table that your project deserves. 

Some clients find that Gigster’s approach to product development is too hands-off for their liking. Gigster offers a fully managed service that takes the reigns of your project from start to finish. Business owners who have trouble delegating tasks or relinquishing managerial control may have a hard time working within this model. 

It’s also worth noting that Gigster’s services focus almost entirely on development. While their applications offer a slick and polished UI, design is not their strong suit. So, while Gigster will deliver you a polished app that provides the exact functionality you need, they aren’t well-positioned to go above and beyond from a design perspective. 

Clients looking to add a high-end feel or a pop of designer beauty to their application will have to work with a third-party design team to bring their vision to life. Or, Gigster can work with a designer on your behalf for an additional fee beyond your quoted development costs. 

Clients with fully custom projects that are incredibly involved may also run into issues with the quote generation process. Gigster relies on AI to deliver accurate quotes to clients based on the few criteria that are included in the quote form. The quote generator doesn’t necessarily capture the level of nuance necessary to deliver an accurate quote. 

There is an option to receive a quote by email, which allows potential clients to flesh out their vision in greater detail than with the quote form. But, even that can be less than adequate when it comes to projects that may be better discussed in person or over the phone. 

Finally, business owners with a fear of commitment may have a hard time jumping in with Gigster. While most alternatives allow you to use their services on a trial basis, what you see is what you get with Gigster. They’ll provide you with a free quote, and you’ll have to decide from there if you’re ready to work with them. 

Keep in mind that while there’s no sort of trial arrangement, Gigster’s team represents some of the world’s top development and design talent, so there should be no question that you’ll receive what you’re looking for when working with them. 

If you feel Gigster is not right for you...

Check out our list of Gigster alternatives.

Gigster Pricing - What’s Gigster’s Fee Schedule?

Gigster’s pricing delivers incredible value to its clients. But, for smaller projects, you may find that Gigster is simply too expensive for what you need. Gigster prices its services on a per-project basis, so there’s no way to pin down their pricing since every project is different. But, there is a minimum cost of $52,000. 

If you have a small development project in mind, you’re likely to find that some of Gigster’s competitors are better equipped to tackle your project within the budget you have in mind.

Gigster uses AI to generate accurate quotes for projects in record time. Gigster can staff and kick off most projects in less than a week, which allows your business to get your app from idea to finished product in record time. 

Keep in mind that the $52,000 minimum for app development isn’t necessarily what you should expect to pay when working with Gigster. Depending on the size and detail your project calls for, the final price can be much higher. 

Considering that even entry-level developers at companies like Google or Facebook have a base salary of well over $100,000, most clients find that Gigster provides incredible value for the money. 

The best way to get an accurate idea of what Gigster would cost for a particular project is to contact their sales team for a quote. 

Is Gigster Worth it For Hiring?

Gigster is one of the most unique companies in the freelance space, and there are plenty of aspects that make their platform unique and attractive to businesses of all sizes. 

Their managed approach to app development allows clients to free themselves from the research, vetting, and day to day management tasks that are usually associated with hiring freelancers. 

While some may look at Gigster as an expensive service, many businesses find that Gigster saves money and time. Not only does the service provide high-quality developers that must pass a vigorous vetting process, but they also eliminate the need for you to manage the freelancers you hire. 

If you’re looking to develop an industry-leading mobile or web application, Gigster is well worth a closer look for hiring.

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