Constant Content Review: Is Constant Content Worth It for Hiring?

Jason Quey
January 13, 2021

When developing your company, you’ll want to fill your website with well-written content to establish your brand's legitimacy. With all the freelance platforms to hire from, it isn’t easy to navigate to the right resource for your business.

As of 2019, 23% of small businesses claimed that having an unsuitable team caused their business to fail. Hiring the wrong full-time writer could lead to the fall of your startup. Instead of putting all of your trust into a few exclusive employees, you could outsource your content to the Constant Content platform.

Constant Content offers tailor-made and ready-made articles to use on your website. You can search for the best writer or pre-existing article to fulfill your content needs without hiring a full-time team of writers.

Like most freelancing platforms, the concept sounds excellent. But does the quality of Constant Content live up to its promise, or is it just a scam? Below we cover everything you would need to know about this content marketplace.

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How Constant Content works

Constant Content is a freelancing content mill that connects content writers with entrepreneurs who need articles for their website. You can opt for pre-written or custom articles created by one of their 100,000 authors. They have around 50,000 clients currently that vary from small businesses to mega-corporations.

This platform is known for its strict quality control. They have a rigorous application process and stringent editorial control, meaning they only hire the best writers. These expert freelance writers have experience in any niche you can think of, and the content gets edited and checked for plagiarism through Copyscape. All Full Rights articles are guaranteed to be unindexed, so you gain unique SEO content. 

How Constant Content works

A feature on Constant Content that not many other freelancing platforms have is purchasing ready-made articles. You can search their database to find an article you need for your website’s blog. Constant Content promises unique content with each article.

How Constant Content works

To purchase an article, you will need to register for an account. Then you will need to load at least $25 of credits into your account. From there, you buy the content you want using these credits.

You can also purchase tailor-made, custom content made just for your website. To begin, you search for writers based on their expertise, the topic, or their experience. Then you request an article from them. The writers choose their prices and receive 65% of what you pay. You can also get a dedicated account manager to help you run your projects more smoothly.

If you do not want a specific author, you can post a job description on the marketplace. Writers will contact you with sample pieces. You can see up to 75% of the article before you pay for it. The finished work comes as a downloadable folder with the article in document form and all of the image suggestions you could add.

Business specialization

Constant Content has 50,000 clients, many of which return for more work. You can get high-quality content consistently to meet your business’s content marketing needs. This platform provides technical articles, blog posts, ebooks, white papers, and landing page content that matches your expertise level preferences and timelines.

Once written, the article gets rigorously edited by professional editors to ensure it complements your brand. If you don’t want to wait for a custom article, you can choose from the 50,000 pre-written articles already available.

The content is SEO-friendly and original, boosting your organic search visibility. Getting a consistent stream of quality content allows you to rank higher on search engines. Many writers have industry experience in fields like engineering, medicine, business, law, and technology. No matter what content you need, someone can write it.

Constant Content praise and pros

On Constant Content, writers can set their own prices. After undergoing the intensive screening process, they can choose how much they believe their writing is worth. For the entrepreneur, this means you have various price points to select from. Some writers may charge a hefty fee, but many charge more affordable prices.

Another Constant Content pro is the subject variety. They hire experts from almost all fields to write articles concerning their niche. No matter what kind of article you want, someone can write it for you on this platform. It could be a simple product description or a 20,000-word ebook. The writers include internal linking and image suggestions to further search engine optimize the piece.

Constant Content praise and pros

They offer some training for their writers to create concise, clear, and grammatically-correct pieces. Since the editors thoroughly examine each article, the writers learn to abide by their strict codes.

If you find the perfect article and adore the author’s work, you can hire them for long-term writing gigs rather than selecting a new writer each time. You can also hire a dedicated writer team for even faster turnarounds. These gigs produce more reliable work, as you will have a higher quantity of quality articles. More articles lead to higher search engine ranking positions, allowing more people to navigate onto your website.

The option to purchase ready-made content works for many entrepreneurs. You can directly choose the perfect article for your website without having to wait through the whole writing and editing process. Nevertheless, pre-written articles typically fit blogs. More technical pieces need to be custom-made for your business.

The articles are often cheap and have a fast turnaround rate. While you may have to edit them to fit the formatting of other articles on your website, they should all follow the instructions you provided. The more detailed your job description, the closer the article will be to your vision.

659,000 new businesses start each year, and not all of them succeed. By outsourcing some work to professional bloggers, you can focus on other essential aspects of your business instead of worrying about your blog posts.

Constant Content complaints and cons

Constant Content is one of the best writing marketplaces available. However, they do have some issues. For example, their website does not have the most professional layout. The web design feels somewhat outdated compared to its competitors. While they have worked with huge corporations like CVS Pharmacy and Sears, their primary audience seems to be smaller businesses and startups.

If you are a stickler for workflow, you may wish to look elsewhere. After creating a free account, you will have to purchase $25 worth of credits and forward the receipt to Constant Content. They do not have an ingrained verification system as you pay through SafeCart. Once you spend $25, you can look at full articles.

Due to the strict grammar rules and professional hand-editing, most articles come in perfectly. However, the editors do not always provide the clearest feedback, so the writer may not produce work to your standards.

If you make a public request for an article, you may have to wait a while to receive a submission. The writers need to apply for the writing job, and even if they are selected, they are not guaranteed payment. This aspect may dissuade writers from taking public requests. Your best bet would be to search through various writers’ works and send a private offer for a piece.

Constant Content pricing - What’s Constant Content’s fee structure?

Since writers choose their prices, the pricing varies. You could pay $50 for a 500-word article or $50 for a 1500-word article depending on the author.

You pay through credits. Before you can make a request, you must purchase $25 worth of credits through SafeCart and verify the purchase by emailing the receipt to Constant Content. Then, you buy more credits as needed to pay for articles.

Once you have selected a writer, they will write the article and have you preview it before you pay them. Constant Content takes 35% of the payment. The writers are paid through PayPal and are not guaranteed to make money from the articles they write. This may dissuade them from specific requests.

Is Constant Content worth it for hiring?

Overall, Constant Content is worth it for hiring. They make the process of finding a high-quality writer much more manageable than hiring a full-time team. You work with experienced writers to receive rigorously edited articles.

The pricing varies based on the author, meaning you can find inexpensive or costly freelancers depending on their expertise level and experience. Even the low-priced authors are heavily screened, meaning they should also produce quality content.

You can get any type of written piece you want. They offer tailor-made or ready-made work consisting of every subject under the sun. Whether you want a blog post, review, ebook, product description, or anything else, Constant Content can meet your content writing needs.

Freelance writing platforms like Constant Content can help you grow your startup, even if you are part of the 33% of people who need external funding as seed money.

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