OnlineJobs Review: Is OnlineJobs Worth It for Hiring?

Jason Quey
February 15, 2024

Do you wish you could remove all the busywork from your plate?

After the 4-Hour Workweek hit the New York Times Bestseller list, more small business owners began to outsource their life overseas. Whether you want to free up your time for high-value tasks or capitalize on the salary differences, the Philippines is a prime place to find a VA. And OnlineJobs is a one-stop-shop to hire a VA from the Philippines.

With over 500,000 talented VAs on OnlineJobs, you can find everything from graphic designers to Ruby on Rails developers.

So what's the value of hiring someone in the Philippines? praise and pros

OnlineJobs has a simple filtering system that allows you to find overseas freelancers fast.

First, you can search for freelancers by their skill set and level

OnlineJobs praise and pros

Filipinos have to limit their ratings to 5-star rating 3 times and 4-stars 6 times. While you’ll need to vet the freelancers, it’s easier to find talent relevant to your search. has a variety of hardworking filipino VAs to choose from:

  1. Social media managers
  2. Customer support reps
  3. Data entry workers
  4. Real estate cold callers
  5. SEO marketers
  6. Amazon PPC marketers
  7. Graphic designers
  8. WordPress developers

The list of rockstar job seekers is endless. Plus, they are quite fluent in English too.

In addition to doing a search by skill set, you can also filter virtual assistants by:

  • Employment type (Full-time, part-time, or contract).
  • Monthly salary ($150-$2,000 per month).
  • ID Proof score (i.e., how confident you can be the person is who they say they are)
  • Last active time

ID Proof is a simple way to verify the worker you hire is not fake. OnlineJobs give a rating from 1-100. This is not a measure of skill or reliability.

Since OnlineJobs doesn’t provide much information about the score, I recommend filtering for an ID score of 70 or higher.

OnlineJobs also offers a “done for you” recruiting service.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you can outsource recruiting to OnlineJobs. This allows you to focus on other high-value activities for your business.

Here’s OnlineJobs recruiting process:

  • Pay the $500 recruitment fee.
  • Fill out the virtual staff request form.
  • The company sources the talent, screens for skills, and identifies people with the right culture fit.
  • The company introduces you to your virtual assistant for you to start working with your new VA.

Plus, if something doesn’t work between you and your virtual assistant in the first month, they’ll find you a replacement at no cost.

OnlineJobs doesn't add any fees or take a cut in addition to what you pay freelancers

Most freelance platforms we recommend have an overhead charge for the hours you work with freelancers.

  • Fiverr charges 5%, with a $2 minimum fee.
  • Toptal and DesignBro take a cut from the freelancer’s pay.
  • Upwork charges 3% for most clients. Then they take 5-20% from the freelancer’s pay. This doesn’t include any added upgrades or monthly plans.

Those fees add up quickly too. 

With Upwork, let’s say you invest $1,000. They’ll tack on a $30 fee to you and charge $150 to the freelancer. So on Upwork, only $850 of $1,030 will make it to your freelancer.

OnlineJobs charges a flat monthly fee.

Because all transactions between you and your VA are outside the platform, there’s no added fee. This means you’re not paying for an added middlemen or markup on their salary.

It's great that you don't have to pay massive fees with OnlineJobs. But there is a problem with this, which I will talk about later in this review.

Timeproof: VA time-tracking software

OnlineJobs offers Timeproof as a free resource for you to track your employee’s time.

OnlineJobs praise and pros

TimeProof takes snapshots of your employees' work. As the employer, you’ll also get time sheets and screenshots of what your VA was working on during their shift. This improves your odds that you’ll only pay for their actual work, not surfing the web. 

For freelancers, TimeProof puts them at ease that you’ll pay for their recorded hours.

OnlineJobs offers free training

Not sure what it takes to hire a virtual assistant? In addition to their blog, OnlineJobs has curated a list of their best resources to work with virtual assistants. complaints and cons

Minimal mediation between you and the VA

Earlier I mentioned OnlineJobs doesn’t add a fee or take a cut from your freelancer. Unfortunately, this means OnlineJobs also doesn’t mediate between you and the freelancer.

If you don't like the work offered on another freelance platform, you don’t have to pay a penny if you prove the person doesn’t do their job. But because the work happens outside of OnlineJobs, they do not mediate between you and your worker if something goes wrong.

That said, the most Filipino workers charge on this platform is $15/hour. If you start off with a small 1-to-5 hour task, at most, you’re out $75.

OnlineJobs’ VAs are not vetted

All employees who list skills on a 5-star rating are self-reported. Unlike Toptal and DesignBro, OnlineJobs doesn’t vet their workers.

You’ll need to do your due diligence on everyone you want to hire. But given the financial savings between hiring a Filipino and a western worker, it’s worth taking the extra time.

Pay in Pesos

Most Filipino workers will expect payment in Filipino pesos.

OnlineJobs makes payment simple with EasyPay. This allows you to pay invoices quickly with favorable conversion rates. Further, most workers gladly accept Paypal.

OnlineJobs often provides conversion rates on their website. If you can’t find it, a simple Google search will do. A simple rule-of-thumb is $1 USD = ₱ 50 PHP.

Speaking of money...

If you feel is not right for you...

Check out our list of alternatives. pricing - What’s OnlineJobs’s fee structure? pricing - What’s OnlineJobs’s fee structure?

OnlineJobs offers three pricing plans.

In the free plan, you can post and view job applications, use Timeproof, and use OnlineJob’s employee database. You can’t message the employees or hire anyone, and job posts will take two days until you go Pro.

OnlineJob’s Pro plan is $69 per month. With the Pro plan, you get:

  1. Up to 3 job posts per month.
  2. Instant job post approval.
  3. Communicate with potential employees to hire.
  4. Read worker reviews.
  5. Contact 75 workers per month, in addition to any that apply to your job listing.

OnlineJobs also offers a Premium plan for $99/month. With the Premium plan, you get everything in Pro, plus:

  1. Up to 10 job posts per month.
  2. Contact 500 workers per month, in addition to any that apply to your job listing.
  3. Get free data background checks and the ability to contact past employers.
  4. Get a free VA mentoring program.
  5. Get access to OnlineJob’s outsource video courses.

How do I know is legit and not a scam?

Over 6,000 entrepreneurs sign up to use OnlineJobs every month. But it did not start this way...

John Jonas founded OnlineJobs in the state of Utah. He was an everyday business owner like you and I, doing the “hustle and grind” to make his online business a success. 

He put up a job posting to hire a filipino va with no skills in 2006. Through trial and error, he discovered how diligent this employee was. 

Soon, he began to rave about his experience with other business owners. After getting many requests, it became overwhelming for Jonas to help everyone out. So he began a job board to make it simple for filipino job seekers and small business owners to connect with one another.

Since then, it has become the go-to source for hiring overseas virtual assistants.

Unlike sites like Upwork, OnlineJobs gives you the freedom to do a Skype call with your virtual assistant. This allows you to build a connection with your new VA before wasting too much time and money.

Is worth it for hiring?


With well-documented processes or easy administration tasks, you can hire a freelancer through OnlineJobs for pennies on the dollar.

You can hire most Filipino workers full-time for $400-$1,000/month. 

Fun things happen when you earn in dollars and pay in pesos.

Let the fun begin when you use to hire a VA today.

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