iWriter Review: Is iWriter Worth It for Hiring?

Jason Quey
January 13, 2021

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for a high-quality writer you can trust to create content for your website or blog. You have probably realized that managing your digital brand is a lot of work, and anything you can outsource will make managing your business much easier.

Approximately 23% of businesses fail because they do not have the right team in place. A good, reliable writer is key to producing regular content for your business. But with content mills, you have to watch out for scams. Thankfully, iWriter.com makes finding a freelance content writer for your team easier than ever. 

What sets iWriter apart from other freelance services is that iWriter specializes specifically in providing writing services. With iWriter, you won’t have to sift through unrelated candidates because every freelancer on the platform is there to write content.  

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How iWriter works 

To remain competitive in the digital world, you need to keep your website or blog optimized and current. iWriter is a pay-as-you-go content writing service that offers freelance writers for hire on an assignment basis to meet your digital content needs. 

iWriter distinguishes itself for being extremely affordable. For instance, you can buy a 500-word blog post for under $4. Hiring a freelancer on iWriter is simple, and you can have your finished content in five easy steps.  

How iWriter works

Hiring a writer is as easy as setting up an account

You can submit your first project and hire a writer in minutes. All you need to do is create an account first. The iWriter website is intuitive and easy to use, so you should have no problem quickly setting up your account and posting your writing jobs. However, if you run into problems, iWriter offers customer support office hours Monday-Friday during business hours. 

iWriter meets all of your content needs 

iWriter offers a variety of options for clients when it comes to content optimization. First, you can specify the type of content you need, whether it’s an article, a blog post, or an eBook. You can also specify the type of audience and topic you are looking to target, thereby ensuring that writers with experience in those topics work on your project. 

Though most freelancers on the site write in English, iWriter also offers several other language options to meet your needs. The site offers and encourages clients to submit detailed order instructions to writers. The more specific your instructions, the better the chances that the content will meet your requirements the first time. 

Another option for clients is to submit special instructions with a list of keywords that the content must include. This is particularly useful if you are looking for SEO services for your website or blog. 

Syndication service

iWriter also offers a syndication service for those looking to build backlinks and optimize their search engine visibility. The syndication service offers a set price per link. The service is easy to sign up for and comes with an order report to see how many backlinks were created to your content. The report is available a few days after the placed order.

Syndication service

iWriter praise and pros 

In a digital economy that offers many freelance service options, iWriter stands out for specializing in writing services. iWriter receives positive reviews from clients, many of whom return to place additional orders. The company boasts tens of thousands of active orders at any given time, and since its founding in 2016, has serviced almost 8 million orders. 

Pay only for content that you keep 

One of the major pros of using iWriter is that you only pay for the content that you keep. This eliminates any financial risks with using the service. You will have the chance to review all content before you approve it and the payment is withdrawn from your account. 

iWriter will also ban a writer’s account if Copyscape detects frequent plagiarism in their article writing. This should further increase your confidence in the site’s copywriters.

If the content you receive does not meet your standards or requirements, you have two options. You can resubmit it to the writer for a rewrite to correct any issues, or you can reject the content outright. In either case, there is no cost to you. 

The site does make a requester’s acceptance and rejection rate visible to freelancers on the site. If your acceptance score is too low and your rejection score is too high, writers may be wary of working with you. 

Build your own freelance writing team


iWriter allows for direct communication between you and the writer assigned to your project. This enables you to provide clear instructions to the writer and any guidance needed on revisions or rewrites.

Additionally, when you work with a good writer that you particularly like, you can add them to your favorites list. iWriter assigns your order randomly unless you specify a particular writer by name. Having a group of favorite writers you have worked with and previously vetted enables you to hire them by name for future assignments.   

iWriter gives you the option to pay above their base rates for orders and provides writers with tips. This feature enables you to build better relationships with high-performing writers and motivates writers to work harder to deliver the best quality articles for you. 

iWriter complaints and cons 

iWriter has mostly good reviews and clients tend to return. Complaints about the service generally focus on challenges with finding quality writers. However, the service's low cost and the ability to reject poor content without a fee seem to balance out these downsides. 

iWriter freelancers are not thoroughly screened  

Some freelance writing sites’ selling point is that they extensively screen their talent to offer you only the most qualified freelancers with excellent writing skills. iWriter is not one of those services, which is probably one reason why the company can keep costs down and offer such low prices. 

iWriter does not thoroughly screen its freelance writers, which currently number over 114,000. Writers must pass a very basic writing screening when they apply to work for the platform, but there are no other tests or interviews. 

With so many freelancers on the site, you get many options. Simultaneously, there are also bound to be some underqualified or new writers using the platform. However, you can select to pay more for more qualified writers on this site, largely mitigating this potential problem.  

Content quality is not always consistent 

Some users have pointed out that even when paying for a higher quality writer, the final content is sometimes inconsistent in quality. These users point out that even the site’s Elite Plus writers may submit content with typos and grammatical errors.

iWriter offers you the option to request a rewrite from your writer until the content meets your standards. Additionally, the reject option on any assignment before you pay helps mitigate quality issues. 

Short content review window   

While iWriter gives you the ability to review content before purchasing it, the review window is only 72 hours. This means that you must stay on top of your projects to ensure you do not miss the review window. Once the review period closes, the article is automatically approved and there are charges without being able to request revisions or reject the content. 

iWriter pricing – What is iWriter's fee structure? 

iWriter is not a subscription service, so you do not have to pay a service fee just for using the platform. You pay writers per article as you go and can order articles any time, as long as there are enough funds to cover the article's cost in your account. 

Transparent pricing structure 

iWriter makes the pricing structure very transparent. The price you end up paying depends on several variables, including the type of content you are looking for, the length of the content, and the writer you want to work on your article. All things considered, iWriter is generally one of the most affordable content providers on the market. 

The most common types of content requested on iWriter, such as good articles, article rewrites, and blog posts, fall within the same general price categories. However, longer or more complex content, such as eBooks, may cost more. 

Four pricing categories dependent on the writer’s experience 

One of the key factors that will determine how much you end up paying for your content is the quality of writer that you select. iWriter provides four pricing categories for writers based on their level of experience: Standard, Premium, Elite, and Elite Plus. 

While the price increase between Standard, Premium, and Elite is gradual, the next level of Elite Plus is significantly more expensive every time. For example, a 500-word article at the Elite Plus level costs $39. An article of the same length only costs $3.30 at the standard level, $6 at the premium level, and $11 at the Elite level.

Four pricing categories dependent on the writer’s experience

Many iWriter users recommend avoiding the Standard writer option since it includes the least experienced writers. Users recommend starting at least at the Premium writer level. Some users also point out that when there is a shortage of orders at the Elite writer and Elite Plus levels, writers from these categories may drop down to take work from the lower levels. So every once in a while, you may get a bargain. 

Funding your account and payment options 

iWriter uses PayPal exclusively for all transactions, so you do not have to worry about sharing your credit card or bank information. Funding your account is very simple, and you can add as little or as much money as you want as you go. As long as you have enough money in your account to fund a particular project, you will have no problems ordering it.  

Is iWriter worth it for hiring? 

Clients looking for high-level or technical content may do better by subscribing to another writing service. Those who are looking for subject matter experts in a particular field may spend a lot of time sifting through writers, requesting revisions, or rejecting work. However, those looking for a jack-of-all-trades writer likely will quickly find a writer who will meet their requirements. 

iWriter is a great writing platform for clients who are seeking a high volume of fresh content regularly. Those looking to optimize their digital brands, websites, and blogs, can use iWriter to find freelancers to create quality content without breaking the bank and without any strings attached. 

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