Squadhelp Alternatives: 8 Similar Sites Like Squadhelp We Reviewed

Here's a comparison of competitor sites like Squadhelp for hiring freelancers…

March 26, 2021

When you try to turn a new company idea into a reality, the tedious tasks of entrepreneurship can drag you down.

For example, if you are running a tech startup, you might need help creating an eye-catching logo design. Or, you need new business name ideas. That’s where companies like Squadhelp come in to play. 

But you don’t want to settle on the first company you find. Take some time to read freelancing website reviews and consider the Squadhelp alternatives. 

Our recommended Squadhelp alternative depends on the work you want to have done.

For design projects, Toptal does a fantastic job of screening and vetting their developers. This means you get high-quality employees without the added time and stress.

Only 3% of developers who apply get accepted into their program. Further, their hourly rates are what you would expect for hiring a software developer.

To learn more, you can register with Toptal, read our comparison of Toptal and Squadhelp, or read our full Toptal review.

For outsourcing design projects at a lower price, consider outsourcing your project to a qualified designer on OnlineJobs.ph. OnlineJobs has thousands of hard working Filipino workers, many whom you can hire for $10 to $25 USD per hour.

To learn more, you can register with OnlineJobs, read our comparison of OnlineJobs and Squadhelp, or read our full OnlineJobs review.

For company naming projects, try Naming Force or BrandBucket

Naming Force offers business name contests to help you crowdsource ideas. 

BrandBucket has a marketplace of business names, logos, and domain names ready to go.

Here are the 8 top Squadhelp alternatives we compared for you in this article...

  1. CrowdSpring vs Squadhelp
  2. Toptal vs Squadhelp
  3. Naming Force vs Squadhelp
  4. BrandBucket vs Squadhelp
  5. Designhill vs Squadhelp
  6. 99Designs vs Squadhelp
  7. DesignBro vs Squadhelp
  8. OnlineJobs.ph vs Squadhelp

When comparing Squadhelp.com to similar sites like Squadhelp, what should you look for?

Squadhelp is growing in popularity. They have an innovative approach to helping companies find the perfect name and logo. But there are plenty of other options to consider.

Since Squadhelp charges between $299 and $999 for its services, it’s worth looking for other Squadhelp alternatives. Also, Squadhelp uses a competition platform. That means that freelancers have to put in time and effort without the guarantee of payment. Take time to consider other options that would let you choose from applicants without them having to submit an unpaid proposal.

Even though the competition aspect of Squadhelp is exciting, there is no guarantee that you will receive dozens of quality ideas. In fact, you may find the perfect freelancer much quicker through another platform. 

Still, many people have been quite satisfied with the process Squadhelp uses. 

  • How much does the platform cost? What does each plan provide you?
  • Are you getting enough for the cost of the program? 
  • How many applications or proposals will you be able to review?
  • Does the platform only offer creative naming services or various web design work too?
  • How are the freelancers vetted? If so, what process do they use?

Here is a summary of the 8 Squadhelp alternatives we compared and reviewed:

CrowdSpring vs Squadhelp

CrowdSpring vs Squadhelp

CrowdSpring.com is like Squadhelp in many aspects. The most significant difference is that Squadhelp offers a prize to the winning design while CrowdSpring doesn’t.

The cost of the two platforms is very comparable. CrowdSpring’s lowest package costs $299. The Platinum Plan goes up to $1199. Like Squadhelp, the more money you pay, the more projects you will be able to review. 

CrowdSpring takes a different approach to save you time. With the Elite and Platinum packages, you review fewer proposals. The ones that you can see are the highest quality, though.

The downsides of CrowdSpring are the same as Squadhelp. There is a high fee for the possibility of finding quality work. Also, freelancers must present work without compensation. 

Still, CrowdSpring does help you find the best freelancers if you pay more. You can also rehire designers who you enjoyed working with in the past. 

If you are willing to pay a bit more to receive quality designs, then CrowdSpring could work well for you.

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Toptal vs Squadhelp

Toptal vs Squadhelp

Squadhelp requires you to search through hundreds of designs. Toptal vets their applicants for the best freelancers. They claim only to accept 3% of those who apply after a vigorous 4-step interview process.

Toptal freelancers fall into five categories. They are developers, designers, financial experts, project managers, and product managers. Unlike CrowdSpring and Squadhelp, their focus isn’t only on designing. They can provide top-notch graphic designers for your company.

Instead of paying for a competition, Toptal requires a $500 downpayment. From there, you only need to pay the freelancer directly for their work. They even offer a free-trial period where you can test to see if your chosen designer is a good fit.

Toptal can save you lots of time reviewing hundreds of proposals from Squadhelp. While the payment for the freelancers may be more than the $100 to $300 prize on Squadhelp, Toptal guarantees quality for your money.

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Naming Force vs Squadhelp

Naming Force vs Squadhelp

Do you only need a company or group of creatives to help you come up with a catchy brand name for your small business? If so, Naming Force is a great choice.

Naming Force works like Squadhelp by crowdsourcing results from freelancers. But in their case, applicants only submit business name suggestions. This process requires less time and effort from the freelancer. As such, the costs for creating a naming contest are lower.

There are only three packages, with the lowest starting at $200. The most expensive program only costs $600. The majority of that money goes to the business name winner.

Like other sites like Squadhelp, you can review more business names with a more expensive plan. The only downside to this program is its exclusivity to name contests. If you need a logo or some graphic design work, it would be best to opt for another program like Squadhelp.

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BrandBucket vs. Squadhelp

BrandBucket vs. Squadhelp

Like Naming Force, BrandBucket focuses only on providing you with a great name. All the companies in this list depend on freelancers to provide creative content. BrandBucket takes a unique approach to business naming.

Instead of waiting for proposals from other people, you can browse BrandBucket’s domain name library and find one that fits your company. The name comes with both a domain and logo design, but you don't have to use the logo if you do not wish.

The most notable downfall of this company is the price. For one name, you have to pay at least $670, though prices can reach $2 million. But, this process saves you time that you may otherwise spend reviewing proposals.

If you want a quick, hassle-free solution to finding a company name and logo, BrandBucket is an excellent choice, despite the high prices.

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Designhill vs Squadhelp

Designhill vs Squadhelp

Designhill takes the best aspects of Squadhelp and Toptal and combines them. You can create a design competition or choose to work with only one designer. This hiring layout brings in many more employers and freelancers as the options for work are more diverse.

For design contests, the prices are very comparable to Squadhelp. The prices start at $249 and go up to $999. But for those prices, you will receive fewer options. Fewer proposals could be a good thing if you are looking to save time.

If you prefer one to one projects, you can choose your designer from the thousands working on the website. There is no overhead subscription fee from Designhill like with Toptal. You set the rates with the designer and Designhill takes a 5% commission.

Designhill is a fantastic choice for business owners looking for a website that offers it all at a reasonable price.  

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99Designs vs Squadhelp

99Designs vs Squadhelp

99Designs works on a similar idea as Squadhelp and CrowdSpring. You can create a design contest for logos, email, infographics, webpages, or WordPress sites. Once you respond to the website’s prompts about your desired aesthetics, designers will be able to present their ideas to you.

There is a much more comprehensive range of prices for 99Designs. The cheapest option is $299 for a bronze package logo design. For a WordPress design with the Platinum plan, the cost can rise to $2,499. 

With such high prices, you would expect quality proposals and designers. But 99Designs has received many complaints.

As with Squadhelp, there are some expected disadvantages. It may be challenging to weed through mediocre work and find a quality designer. But, 99Designs lets the applicants see previous submissions. This process often produces people mimicking others’ ideas. Also, it isn’t easy to rehire a designer.

While you can find excellent designs with this company, you may be better off saving some money and working with Squadhelp or CrowdSpring.

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DesignBro vs Squadhelp

DesignBro vs Squadhelp

You may want to run a contest to receive many proposals, but you also need to maintain quality. If so, DesignBro has your answer.

While they don’t run a contest per se, you will still get to review several proposals. DesignBro gives you an in-depth questionnaire to understand your brand aesthetic. Then, they pair you with designers. To work with several designers during the preliminary rounds, you must pay more. 

Over the next two weeks, the designers will submit their designs and talk with you about possible improvements. While a site like 99Designs can have open competitions where people can steal ideas, DesignBro’s set-up is private.

Another positive about DesignBro is that the top three designers receive a monetary award. While freelancers on other sites may work hard with no pay, DesignBro recognizes their hard work. 

Surprising, the prices are quite reasonable compared to Squadhelp. For three designers to present a logo, you pay $199. The most expensive option would be for ten designers to create a packaging design, which costs $1,034. 

DesignBro is a high-quality and affordable option to provide you with the perfect brand design.

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OnlineJobs.ph vs Squadhelp

OnlineJobs.ph vs Squadhelp

Another site for finding designers is OnlineJobs.ph. Instead of creating a competition on Squadhelp, you can review resumes and post job listings with OnlineJobs.ph.

The freelancers are only from the Philippines. As such, the cost of their work is much lower than in the United States. Still, OnlineJobs.ph requires a $500 downpayment and a monthly fee ranging between $69 and $99. 

While Squadhelp helps you find designers, OnlineJobs.ph covers a myriad of opportunities. Not everyone on the site is a designer, but there are still quality options available.

If you have a lower budget, OnlineJobs.ph is an excellent option. But, since they don’t focus on designing, you may have to search more for a professional designer.

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Find the Squadhelp competitor that works for you

Squadhelp isn’t the only company available to help you find the perfect designer to build your brand. There are several Squadhelp alternatives to choose from, depending on your budget and specific needs.

If you are only looking for a good name for your brand, try Naming Force or BrandBucket. If you would like a designer to create your whole website aesthetic, consider DesignBro or Designhill.

Whatever your designing needs, you are sure to find your ideal freelancer on one of the websites listed above.