BKA Content Review: Is BKA Content Worth It?

Jason Quey
February 15, 2024

BKA content provides custom-made SEO articles for a variety of businesses. No matter what type of content you’re looking to create, BKA Content will help you get there. But is BKA Content a worthwhile writing business to hire, or is it a scam? That’s where reviews of freelancing sites can be useful!

Before you can evaluate their company, you need to understand the importance of SEO content creation. If you don’t currently have a “blog” or article section on your company website, you should get one. 

SEO content is designed to drive traffic to your webpages. It gives you exposure, establishes your business as an industry leader, and helps increase sales. BKA Content promises to deliver SEO articles to help boost your business.

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How BKA Content works

At the most basic level, BKA Content is a content writing company with headquarters in Ogden, Utah. As a content mill, they write search engine optimized articles for your business to increase traffic to your website.

However, they offer three different services, depending on your budget and what your business needs:

  • Self-Service
  • Managed Services
  • Blog Subscriptions

How BKA Content works

Each package gives you something different and has a different price point.


This option is designed for small businesses who have a more limited budget or those who only need an article written here and there. 

The self-service choice has no minimum order and promises a turnaround of seven to ten days. They guarantee that all the freelance writers speak United States English at native levels and that all of the content produced is optimized for SEO.

You simply select which product you want to order, from blog posts to entire webpages. You can also order descriptions (for places like Amazon or Walmart), social media posts, meta descriptions, press releases, or editing services.

Managed services

For those who have a larger budget or regularly buy content, BKA Content’s managed services are likely the best choice.

This option is designed for agencies who need bulk content, businesses who want to order in bulk, and for e-commerce websites that want many product descriptions created.

You’ll get custom orders, delivery, turnover times, discounts, custom style guides, and the ability to scale content to your precise needs.

Blog subscriptions

The blog subscription comes in two levels: standard and pro. Standard level gives you mid-level general blog content, with pro giving you high-quality blogs on a schedule that are more technical, for industries like financial, medical, or B2B.

BKA Content praise and pros

One of the things that BKA Content prides itself on delivering is quality content in a timely manner. One review pointed this out, noting that they received a 1500 word article with a turnaround of only three days. 

They remarked positively on the overall quality of the article, observing that there were only a few grammatical errors. This wasn’t a negative in their eyes as they hadn’t paid the extra for editing. 

The reviewer found the ordered article was well-written, without any reliance on filler material, and was structured as per the order’s specific directions. 

In their final thoughts, they found BKA Content to be a great source of content and considered the $80 spent on the article to be lower than some of their competitors.

To sum up, the main positives are:

  • Decently priced articles
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Top-quality content without filler even on a deadline
  • Ability to follow directions well

BKA Content complaints and cons

While the previous reviewer didn’t see not having an integrated editing service as a negative, some prospective customers might not see this as an acceptable practice. 

Otherwise, the ordering process itself may be confusing to clients who are not used to Excel formatting. BKA Content doesn’t have direct contact regarding what a client is looking for. Instead, they supply the client with an Excel sheet to fill out, which some may find cumbersome.

To summarize, the main complaints regarding BKA Content are:

  • Editing services cost extra
  • Reliance on Excel rather than email communication to understand client needs

BKA Content pricing - What’s BKA Content’s fee structure? 

As mentioned, BKA Content has three models of content creation and delivery. These packages are optimized for the specific needs of a client and have fees that reflect this structure.

The “Self-Service” option is intended for those who don’t anticipate spending more than $1,000 per month on content. It allows for a bespoke selection of products, with prices ranging from $5.50 for a basic blog post to $11.55 for a standard web page.

BKA Content pricing - What’s BKA Content’s fee structure?

In contrast, “Managed Services” is designed for companies and individuals that expect to spend over $1,000 dollars monthly.  There is no set fee for this version. Rather, this package relies on the scope of a customer’s needs before a quote is offered.

A third avenue is the “Blog Subscription” plan, which has four levels of content creation starting at a rate of $195 per month for about 1,500 words, scaling up to $960 for 9,000 words.

BKA Content allows you to pay for their content writing services with credit cards and PayPal.

BKA Content reviews on Reddit

Reviews on Reddit for BKA Content are scarce and mostly inconclusive. Unfortunately, the reviews are also focused on the freelancer side of things at BKA Content. 

However, that can give you insight into how the company works, the level of quality you can expect, and what kind of freelance writing talent they have working for them.

Some of the content writers don’t seem happy with how nitpicking the editors are, claiming that the editors find faults that don’t exist with the content (such as a double period).

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, contrary to how it first appears. That means the editors really care about formatting, content quality and have sharp eyes.

Fortunately for you, your business will likely get a product that has very few flaws and will be formatted to whatever standard you’ve set. When buying content from a service like BKA Content, that’s precisely what you want to see.

Similarly, writers aren’t thrilled with their rates of pay. It’s an hourly rate, rather than word-based, and isn’t necessarily great for the industry.

While that may mean you’ll pay less upfront for the product you order, it might also equate to getting writers who aren’t invested in producing quality articles. Instead, they’ll likely be focused on pumping out as many as they can, so they can meet their hourly quota.

BKA Content reviews on Quora 

As with Reddit, there aren’t too many reviews for BKA Content on Quora. However, there are some directed at clients of the company, as in businesses looking to pay for content.

The emphasis here is how they’re different from their competitors. Instead of having an automated system to accept client orders, you get a “managed solution.”

Many content creating websites will have an automated procedure that you follow when you order, giving you little ability to discuss what content you want.

BKA Content instead gives every single client, even those who only order a single article, an individual response. They take the time to train new writers and have a relatively small team.

According to another Quora thread, BKA Content does their best to actually take care of their writers. They admit that starting pay rates aren’t top-notch but that the editors do what they can to understand client needs before a writer touches a project.

That may not seem relevant, but it is. When a writer thoroughly understands what a client is looking for, there will be fewer rewrites needed, if any. That means that the final product you get should be timely and top-quality.

BKA Content also offers a pay scale, with the best writers getting paid more than entry-level writers. That encourages writers to stay with the company to earn more. When writers stay with a company longer, they not only know policies better but can really hone their skills, delivering well-written content every time.

Is BKA Content worth it?

Aside from the very few Reddit reviews available, BKA Content seems like a good option for those looking to buy SEO content. There are always bound to be individuals not happy with a service, but overall, BKA appears to produce well-thought-out content for business, with some big-name clients.

Of course, $960 for only 9,000 words does appear to be on the higher end of the payment spectrum. However, if they deliver top-quality SEO content on a tight turnaround, the price may be justified.

It’s also a good sign that they offer options for those who are still building their network and website and may therefore have a smaller budget. This is also a smart decision for those who are interested in seeing what kind of content BKA Content provides without a big commitment.

Then again, an additional charge for editing services isn’t typical for companies like this, but if you have a clearly laid out vision for the content you want, then it shouldn’t be too big a problem to skip. After all, they supposedly spend extra time training their writers, so you should expect few typos or grammatical mistakes.

Whether or not this service is right for your business is ultimately up to you. BKA Content seems like a good start for those just starting to build their websites or business, who may be unsure how to properly create SEO content themselves, or those who simply don’t have the time. 

With the ability to test out their services for such a small price, BKA Content doesn’t appear to be a high-risk gamble for your writing jobs.

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