Hire Unity Developers: 8 Best Sites to Hire Unity 3D Developers

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June 29, 2024

Unity is an engine you can use to develop video games, animations, and virtual reality. It’s a difficult program that takes years to master. But when you know it, you can develop applications for plenty of consoles, including:

  • Mac
  • PC
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox

Perhaps you’re looking for a Unity developer who can:

  1. Work on game development on the Unity 3D game engine.
  2. Create game designs that include augmented reality.
  3. Use their knowledge of scripting, programming languages, APIs, and other technical skills to navigate the development process of a multiplayer game.

There are plenty of Unity developers available to hire. Still, knowing what website to search in can link you with the right developer for your niche.

8 Best Sites for Hiring Unity Developers

1. Toptal


Toptal accepts only 3% of those who apply. It prides itself on a strict vetting process involving live interviews and coding assignments. It also looks for developers with driven personalities and English fluency. 

Their focus on personality is critical to pick the right developer for your game. Your Unity developer should know how to make projects fun, driven, and creative. Unlike other freelance websites, an English fluency test will ensure you can communicate complicated ideas without misunderstanding.

At Toptal, you get a two week test period when you hire someone. You need to make a $500 deposit on their website, which applies as a credit to the developer’s first invoice. If you’re unhappy with your hire, you’ll get a full refund. Still, Toptal has earned its reputation as one of the most professional tech hiring platforms.

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2. OnlineJobs.ph


Onlinejobs filters their candidates through tests and interviews, too. The difference is that it specifically hires Phillipino workers. Plus, you don’t need to worry about a language barrier because most of its users are fluent in English.

On this platform, you can hire talent at affordable rates. Most users ask for a monthly salary of $500-$2000 per month. 

Onlinejobs doesn’t force you to complete transactions through its platform. You have the freedom to pick your preferred payment method to save on extra or hidden markup fees. Compare that to sites with built-in markups like Fiverr. Throughout long projects, those buildups make a difference.

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3. Fiverr


Fiverr is an open platform for any freelancer to sell their services. You can hire a Unity developer there for as low as $5. The catch is that affordable services are usually only for microtasks, like a single animation or script. 

Even though Fiverr doesn’t vet its users, you can read previous client reviews. Plus, the labels “Fiverr’s Choice” and “Fiverr Pro” will guide you to the best developers. 

Fiverr Pro is a vetting system that only accepts 1% of applicants. They rate users according to delivery time, quality, and personality. The cost of services is rarely ever anything higher than 5K. Beware that anything over $40 has a 5% fee tacked on. Still, you can enjoy the ability to contact your freelancer on Fiverr directly.

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4. Triplebyte


Triplebyte can connect you to both entry-level Unity programmers and developers with many years of experience. It looks like a regular job board where you can surf for candidates. However, developers must pass a call screening, coding challenge, and other tests to appear on their platform.

The UX and UI are clean, making it easy to navigate profiles. You can see how candidates scored in niche test areas, such as in coding productivity. Profiles also show the developer’s sample code so you can get a direct feel for their skills.

Triplebyte’s selection process is comparably strict to Apple or Google. Because of that, candidates will tend to ask for pay rates comparable to Silicon Valley’s. If you’re only looking for only one developer, though, you’ll find luck on this site.

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5. Gigster


Some call Gigster the “Uber of Developers” because it’s as if you place an order for code. All you need to do is tell one of their representatives what you need and by when. Then, they’ll assemble a development team to complete it. In the end, you get a “delivery” with your finished project.

You can see the developer’s progress on your project through a dashboard. That helps keep you close to the process, even if they’re remote. 

Keep in mind that Gigster does not have many full-time developers. Most of their freelancers are part-time workers. There’s no trial period, so you’ll have to accept or deny the quote. 

You should also know that all projects cost a minimum of $52,000 on Gigster. But compared to the cost of a $100 k a year designer, that can be a suitable option.

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6. Lemon.io


Lemon.io promises to deliver an ideal candidate for your project within 24 hours. That system is perfect if you need to complete an emergency or quick tweak. You can hire candidates for tasks as small as a one-day project. If you want to achieve something larger, you can also hire for months.

The recruiters at Lemon.io use background checks and live interviews to vet applicants. They aim to provide talent for entrepreneurs and start-up companies. Its system is relaxing because it only shows you one candidate at a time. So you can make interviews more personal without rushing through hundreds of resumes.

Another perk is that Lemon.io has many developers who know obscure languages. Most of the site’s developers work from Eastern Europe, though. Keep that in mind, since your communication may change if you’re in different time zones. Regardless, Lemon.io delivers on quality and speed.

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7. ZipRecruiter


ZipRecruiter is one of the most popular general job hunting sites. It doesn’t only host technology jobs. While that might sound like a downside, it has its strengths. Any job you post can stay on its platform for as long as you need. It also lets you personalize the ad with your own questions for candidates to answer.

ZipRecruiter partners with over 100 other websites where it will cross-post your job for free. That feature gives you huge capabilities to tap into big applicant pools. 

A basic plan starts at $249 per month, which includes the crossposting feature. Prices range according to your marketing needs. Although the site doesn’t vet its applicants, that still costs much less than average. Plus, you can keep track of responses through its mobile app.

Learn More:

  1. Go to ZipRecruiter.
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8. Flexjobs


Flexjobs gears itself to remote developers and designers in technology. Because of its focus, you can cater your search to specific niches for your Unity needs. If you wanted to find a remote worker for localized versions of your app, this is the place to look.

On Flexjobs, you can look for employees for long-term goals. A basic package of $299 per month lets you create unlimited job posts.

Flexjobs makes both employers and applicants pay to use it. That means your applicant pool may be smaller. Still, they’ll all fall under the niches you need. 

Some Flexjobs packages let you create virtual job fairs, webinars, and social media campaigns. Certain large businesses like Dell and American Express have successfully hired people through this site. If you need long-term flexibility, this might be your place.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hiring a Unity Developer

What is a Unity developer?

They are developers who use Unity, a cross-platform game engine, to develop projects like video games and mobile games. Some industries, like film or architecture, also hire them to create blueprints.

What other skills should a Unity developer have?

A Unity developer should follow current game industry trends and niches. They should know Javascript, C#, and Boo to operate the engine. 

What can junior, middle, and senior developers do?

A Junior developer should have a degree in computer science with some experience in Unity. Middle developers need a starting portfolio with games they have completed. By the time they’re Seniors, they should have worked on games from start to launch. Seniors also need to know how to optimize games for their market audience strategically.


Ultimately, you want a Unity developer with both hard and soft skills. First, they need to know how to create your program for its platform. Then, they need to have the right attitude and fit for your company culture and business needs. 

Developing a program on Unity can be very expensive. But with the right vetting tools, you can 0find a freelancer who will meet your development service needs. Regardless, these websites will give you access to plenty of talent motivated to help you create a great project.

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We Examined 8 Websites to Hire a Unity Developer

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