DesignBro Review: Is DesignBro Worth It For Hiring?

Jason Quey
June 6, 2022

Whether you’re looking for a new logo, packaging design, or a new brand identity, DesignBro is becoming a one-stop-shop for your digital design needs.

More freelance marketplaces are becoming curated as they screen applicants first. And DesignBro is becoming the go-to platform for your design needs. Although a newer marketplace, here’s why we recommend DesignBro...

DesignBro praise and pros

DesignBro, allows you to run contests to get a selection of work to choose from.

What sets DesignBro apart is that like Toptal, DesignBro handpicks a handful of professionals that apply to the platform. 

And the curation shows to pay off.

After going through 475 DesignBro reviews from entrepreneurs, the vast majority gave a 5-star review. Less than 10% of reviews from entrepreneurs gave either a 4 or 4.5 star rating.

DesignBro has a simple step-by-step process to get started, too:

Step 1: You’ll start by filling out their simple creative brief. This will help define your project by learning about your brand, audience, and any other business plans.

Here’s an example of the DesignBro logo brief, where you can select logo designs which fit your style:

DesignBro praise and pros

And here’s another example as you map out your brand DNA for a brand identity project:

DesignBro praise and pros

Step 2: Next, DesignBro connects you with relevant top-rated designers. Depending on what you pay, you’ll get 3-10 designers who will work directly with you. Everyone’s work is secret, so you’ll always get unique and creative designs.

Once DesignBro picks a designer for your project, they have 10 days to submit a design. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to review the designs and give feedback to each designer. If there’s time left, the designer can modify their design and submit a new design. 

This open dialogue between you and the freelancers gives both of you a better chance to get the right design the first time.

DesignBro also provides a rough estimate of the time it takes to get your final project:

DesignBro praise and pros

Step 3: Once your first design is ready, you’ll rate the designs and give feedback to the freelancers. By chatting directly with the freelancers, you can collaborate to create a design that best represents your business.

Step 4: Finally, you’ll pick up to three finalists who will perfect your logo with your feedback. The finalists have 5 days to enhance and resubmit their designs for your review.

Once you pick a winner, you’ll receive your product-ready files.

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DesignBro complaints and cons

DesignBro is a new site and seems to have its act together. What few complaints there I found were from designers.

In short, because it is a competition, most designers do not receive any money at all. That said, unlike other competition sites like 99Designs, DesignBro awards money to the top three finalists. Of the three finalists, the winner will take a larger sum of the prize money.

DesignBros also does not pay freelancers until they have a minimum of $300 in their account. This means they need to win a few competitions before they receive any money for their work.

This doesn’t directly affect you as the entrepreneur. But it is valuable to treat your employees and freelancers well.

Finally, if you’re not satisfied with your designs, DesignBro offers a refund policy. They do have quite a few hoops you need to jump through, and they may charge a $20 administration fee too. But with a 98% satisfaction rating, it’s unlikely you’ll need a refund.

If you feel DesignBro is not right for you...

Check out our list of DesignBro alternatives.

DesignBro pricing - What’s DesignBro’s fee structure?

All project prices include DesignBros fee.

DesignBro’s top five design pricing packages include:

  1. Logo design ($199-$479)
  2. Website banner design ($199-$479)
  3. Brand identity design ($399-$679)
  4. Packaging design ($499-$1,034)
  5. Website design ($499-$779)

If you are looking for another type of project, you can contact the DesignBro team for a custom quote.

DesignBro also stipulates that you cannot work with your designer outside the platform unless you wish to pay $3,000.

Is DesignBro worth it for hiring?


DesignBro is a newer marketplace, and you may occasionally notice this on their website. But when it comes down to their work, I’ve yet to see so many glowing reviews from satisfied entrepreneurs.

If you’re looking for help with a design project, DesignBro is a fantastic choice.

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