Codeable Review: Is Codeable Worth It for Hiring?

Jason Quey
November 12, 2020

Finding freelance developers that are reliable and skilled without the hassle of sifting through thousands of applicants can help save you time and money no matter what industry you’re in. Codeable is a freelance platform that is similar to other freelance websites

One key difference is that Codeable focuses on WordPress and developers that offer a wide assortment of skills to help maintain the digital presence of your business or help it grow.

To hire freelancers, entrepreneurs used to have to spend a bit of time finding the right platform to post the project on, and then review hundreds or thousands of potential freelancer applications. This process was not quick, and the potential for delays and misunderstandings was more significant than on the modern platforms used today.

How Codeable works

Codeable is a freelance platform that helps connect vetted freelancers with entrepreneurs and companies looking for contract services. 

Finding a vetted freelancer is one of the many benefits of using the Codeable service, and finding a WordPress developer has never been more accessible with their fair prices, and well-structured hiring process.

How Codeable works

Codeable can help entrepreneurs find freelancers for jobs of all sizes. Small tasks get accepted in addition to much larger projects such as server maintenance, website migrations, updates, and security optimizations. 

With Codeable you can expect:

  • Free estimates for your projects
  • No obligation to hire for the projects you post
  • Experts with several years of experience and proven track records for completing work on time
  • A single estimate for your project and the ability to start collaborating immediately

How Codeable works

Rush projects

Codeable can also be a valuable resource completing intricate work on short notice, and you can expect an expert to review your project in as little as 3-5 hours from the time you post it.

Completing an estimate for a rush project will likely take at least a full 24 hours, and customers can reach out to the Codeable support team during this time to help expedite the process. Codeable features a design intended to help business owners, freelancers, and agencies complete meaningful work through the use of talented freelancers who are paid fairly for their expertise.

Save on costs and time

Knowing how Codeable works and promptly signing up for their services can help you cut costs for your business without having to sacrifice the quality of your website, and the frequency that you use freelancers. Codeable is also an excellent way to work with freelancers in a more controlled environment, and you can be confident in their skills.

According to recent small business stats, half of all businesses fail by the fifth year. This makes finding the right services at the right cost incredibly crucial to the health of most companies. Many entrepreneurs are also conscious of using freelance services to keep payroll costs down, yet around 82% of failed businesses cited issues with managing funds as reason for failure.

Codeable praise and pros

There are many different reasons to like Codeable, and it can provide much-needed freelance services to any business looking for WordPress experts and other related technical help. 

Codeable offers some unique benefits to business owners, including:

  • Vetted experts, so you are provided anywhere from 1-5 individual freelancers to consider instead of receiving thousands of applications to sift through.
  • An online workroom for discussing your project with developers so that you can receive the most accurate estimate based on a comprehensive scope of your project.
  • Same-day responses from developers who can engage fully in your project and have the time and other resources to help.

When you enter a workroom to chat with experts about your project, you'll have the opportunity to meet with several individuals at a given time. This setup not only expedites the process of finding the best freelance expert for your project, but it prevents you from having to answer the same question over and over.

Finding the best match and establishing project scope

Having video chats with developers also means that you can decide which individual is going to fit best with your projects. Getting the opportunity to connect with these individuals before committing to hiring them also helps to ensure you can have a positive working relationship. 

Building rapport is an excellent way to start any business relationship, and this on-screen time is a highly valuable part of the Codeable process that isn't standard with other services. 

The internal Codeable system does an excellent job of matching up your needs with the most qualified developer, which prevents wasted time and ensures the developer has the availability that you need. 

A winning algorithm for busy entrepreneurs

There are a few things that set Codeable apart from other freelance platforms, and that includes the system they use to provide services to busy entrepreneurs. For example, Codeable uses a proprietary algorithm that cuts down on pricing issues like undercutting or over-pricing for services.

This algorithm helps to ensure that clients get the best price, and also holds developers to a consistent standard, so both parties feel adequately compensated for their involvement. The Codeable algorithm also helps to pick out developers whose skills most closely match what you need, which eliminates the need to review more than five or so potential collaborators.

Higher-quality standards mean lower risk

It's also worth noting that the experts that work for Codeable get held to a high set of standards, and the expectation is to deliver every project on time and with a high degree of quality. Checklists also exist publicly for things like security, SEO, and speed optimization on the Codeable website so both developers and clients can use them as a resource.

Part of what ensures that you get the best result from using Codeable is how they avoid developers bidding on projects. By avoiding bidding behavior, there is no "race to the bottom" as with other freelance platforms, and you are more likely to receive work of more exceptional quality.

Codeable complaints and cons

When you sign up to work with Codeable and their vetted experts, you'll get a group of potential developers who are each able to ask questions about your project and turn in a customized estimate. Many entrepreneurs appreciate how much time gets saved during this part of the process, but often the estimates will come in higher than anticipated.

Codeable has an overall positive reputation, and it has completed thousands of outsourced projects with primarily satisfied clients and a few unresolved complaints. Online, you'll find full reviews singing their praises, with many entrepreneurs who have tried multiple different platforms with varying levels of success. 

These reviews prove that Codeable has a satisfactory system for dealing with clients, and their algorithm works with projects that vary widely in terms of scope and the skills required of the developer. However, like any freelance platform, there are caveats to be aware of, and scenarios you should be prepared for as a client.

Developer ratings

Each of the developers receives ratings from clients for projects that get completed. One drawback of the system that Codeable has created is that these reviews often get left without any explanation. 

For example, if a developer completes a project for a client, but the client is unhappy for any reason, that developer could receive a poor review although they are not at fault. The average Codeable expert typically has a rating well over 95%, but keep in mind that not all of the ratings a developer receives are backed with logical reasoning.

When projects go wrong

There are also reviews left for projects that went wrong, and it's often hard to tell where the fault lies. Codeable customer support can step in when needed, but this doesn't always make the situation better, and it often means delays for the client. However, Codeable does honor their quality promise in these situations, which safeguard the client in several ways.

The money-back policy comes into play when there are issues with projects, and Codeable customer support is available to answer client questions, and assist with clarifying project needs in addition to offering guidance during the entire process. It's also worth noting that while more substantial parts of your payment are refundable, the Codeable fee is a non-refundable cost.

If you feel Codeable is not right for you...

Check out our list of Codeable alternatives.

Codeable pricing - What is Codeable's fee structure?

Codeable uses an escrow set up for handling payments, which do an excellent job of protecting both parties and preventing payment delays from hindering the progress of a project. 

This escrow system also helps protect entrepreneurs if the project doesn't go well, and Codeable has a reputation for being fair about issuing refunds when they are warranted. Refunds may be issued once agreed upon between you and the developer you are working with, but they may also get arranged between you and customer service.

Codeable pricing - What is Codeable's fee structure?

Factors that influence service costs

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $70-$120 per hour for the services of a developer. This rate varies based on project complexities, skills required, and the developer's experience. There is also a service fee that Codeable will discuss with you upfront and an online pricing guide to give you a better idea of the pricing for different services.

The factors that can alter the cost of services the most include the complexity of the project to address, how urgently you need the project completed, and the general scope of work to be done. Greater complexity, higher levels of urgency, or a broader project scope will understandably increase the cost, but each project does get individualized attention.

Service fees and refunds

The fixed service fee is 17.5%, which includes 24/7 access to customer service, total platform management, and the expert vetting of developers we've previously discussed. The total cost of your project will also include a 28-day warranty that covers bug fixes, and ownership of the intellectual property rendered. 

Codeable is also known for its money-back policy, so don't hesitate to reach out to customer service if you experience any issues. If you have more specific questions about the pricing structure, the process of escrow, or how the process works, you can reach out to customer service at any time, and they respond promptly.

The service fee is an additional cost for entrepreneurs to consider, but the cost allows the Codeable platform to consistently build a pool of talented developers and covers improvements to the site that enable it to function better for both clients and experts.

Service fees and refunds

Payments and milestones

Codeable accepts bank wires, all major credit cards, and even PayPal, which makes it an accessible option for entrepreneurs in all industries. Payment is required in advance once the project scope becomes established, and a developer gets hired. You'll need to deposit the entire cost of the project into an escrow account before any work can begin.

If your project is more substantial or higher budget, it's possible to create milestones that break down the cost into more manageable chunks. The project would then get broken down into individual pieces using the escrow system for payments, and each one receives funding as if it were an independent mini-project.

Is Codeable worth it for hiring?

Codeable makes the process of hiring quality freelancers significantly more accessible for everyone involved and safeguards such as escrow accounts exist that protect both parties.

The individualized pricing and customized estimates also create added value for entrepreneurs who want the best possible price for high-quality work. The algorithm avoids using a bidding process but does average the estimates that the developers provide to give a reasonable cost for work completed. 

Avoiding bidding behavior weeds out low-quality work associated with undercutting practices some freelancers use, and it's one of the features unique to Codeable that is hard to find anywhere else. 

If you are interested in having some contract work completed by developers but don't have much time to dedicate to the process, Codeable is a very flexible and cost-effective option. Using Codeable relieves you from having to supervise a freelance employee or sift through countless applications and allows you more time to run your business.

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