Logoworks Review: Is Logoworks Worth It for Hiring?

Jason Quey
November 12, 2020

For most businesses, creative work can be a major headache. You’ve spent countless hours bringing your ideas to life, and you want your branding to reflect the hard work and passion that your business was built on. 

While getting creative work such as a logo or website design seems easy enough on paper, it causes many businesses to struggle. The outsized fees agencies charge often make them impossible to work with, and freelancers can often be unreliable or underskilled. Then, there’s spec work, which is unfair to designers at best, and at worst, completely unethical. 

The importance of a polished image can’t be understated, especially when it comes to new businesses. After all, one in seven small businesses fails simply because they were unable to get their marketing materials together.

Thankfully, several services make it easy for businesses to commission great designs. We’ve written at length about several of them in our freelance design marketplace reviews. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at one of the most promising options around, Logoworks. 

Logoworks makes it easy and painless to commission the creative work you need to be done quickly, affordably, and, most importantly, professionally. In today’s Logoworks freelance marketplace review, we’ll show you how their platform works, and how you can use Logoworks to meet your creative goals.

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How Logoworks Works

Working with Logoworks couldn’t be easier, and they have a wide variety of design packages to meet the needs of your business. 

The first step when working with Logoworks is deciding on the scope of work. Logoworks offers a la carte services and packages designed to help kickstart new businesses with everything they need to reach their customers. Here are the different services Logoworks offers:

  • Logo design
  • Responsive web design (including email templates, social media, landing, and coming soon pages)
  • Business cards
  • Infographics
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Banner Ads
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Themed logos
  • Icons
  • Product labeling and packaging
  • T-Shirt and jersey design 
  • Book and magazine covers

Logo design is their flagship product, and it’s what the majority of customers come to them for. But, it’s great to know that they offer additional services that businesses of all sizes can benefit from. For new businesses and companies looking to rebrand, their packaged services are an amazing way to save money while addressing all of your design needs at once. 

Using logo design as an example, your first step will be to select a package. Logoworks offers four different tiers: basic, silver, gold, and platinum. 

How Logoworks Works

Regardless of the package you choose, they provide full rights to your design in a variety of file formats with all font and color codes included. Logoworks also provides a dedicated project manager for your job who acts as a liaison between you and your designers and a satisfaction guarantee that will refund your money if you’re completely unsatisfied. 

All project managers are based in the United States, so you don’t have to worry about a language or communication barrier hindering your project along the way. 

Starting with the basic package that costs $199, clients receive two logo design concepts and up to three rounds of revisions with a single designer. The more expensive packages include additional designers, more logo concepts, and more revisions. The Gold and Platinum packages include unlimited revisions. 

How Logoworks Works

For other services, like web design, clients start by choosing the type of website they need and then fill out a detailed design brief that communicates exactly what you need to the design team. Once you’ve hashed out the details, the team gets to work on your site immediately. Regular websites start at $999, while e-commerce enabled websites begin at $1499.

All of the other design services Logoworks offerings follow a similar format. There are a few packages to choose from, each with more features than the prior package, and most design work ranges from $100-600. 

Regardless of the design work you commission with this company, your initial concepts will be available in three business days or less. If a revision is necessary, you’ll communicate with your project manager and submit a revision form. From there, your designer gets right back to work to make sure you’re satisfied with your designs. 

Logoworks Pros and Praise

Since 2001, Logoworks has designed over 300,000 logos for over 70,000 satisfied clients. The company boasts an impressive 97% customer satisfaction rating. It stands to reason that Logoworks is doing a lot of things right. 

One of the biggest pros of Logoworks is that it’s a managed service. Once you submit your project and pay the bill, your work is done. A project manager based in the United States is assigned to your account, and they will handle communication with you and your designer and manage each aspect of the design process so you can focus on running your business. 

Unlike other freelance marketplaces, there’s no need to vet designers or manage them while working on your project. There’s also no need to be concerned with the talent level of the designers. Logoworks only accepts the top 5% of applicants, and every designer at Logoworks has the experience and expertise needed to produce professional content. 

Logoworks also offers transparent and easy to understand pricing. Anyone who has ever worked with freelancers can attest to cost overruns on projects they’ve farmed out to a third party. With Logoworks, what you pay at the start of the project is the only thing you pay. 

Another benefit of Logoworks is that they don’t do spec work, which is something the design industry should adopt as a whole. With spec projects, the designer is only compensated if their design is selected, which often results in talented designers producing quality work for free. 

At Logoworks, every designer receives fair compensation for working on your project. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it also ensures higher quality work. Spec designers are notorious for putting in a mediocre effort. Considering they may never see a dime for their work, it’s easy to understand why they may feel that way. 

Logoworks also scores high marks for its diverse product offering. While they’re seen primarily as a logo designer, they offer a full complement of design services. For businesses that need a multitude of design services at once, they’ll also work with you on a package that addresses all your needs for a flat rate. 

The final feature of Logoworks that’s deserving of praise is their professionalism. Even though you’re working with freelancers, you receive an agency-quality experience each step of the way. But, unlike agency work, you won’t have to fork over thousands of dollars to receive polished and professional designs.

Positive Logoworks Reviews 

Praise from blogs is one thing, but what do actual customers have to say about their experience with Logoworks? You’ll find plenty of reviews detailing what it’s like working with this company, and they’re largely positive. Here’s what some customers have had to say about their projects with Logoworks. 

Positive Logoworks Reviews
Positive Logoworks Reviews

Logoworks Cons and Complaints

While Logoworks does a ton of things well, there are a few drawbacks to using the service that you’ll want to consider before deciding on a designer.

While you’re sure to appreciate Logoworks’ transparent and easy to understand pricing, their lower packages are a bit more expensive than the industry average. Most design companies like Logoworks have a low-priced package that provides a deliverable very similar to what you’ll receive from Logoworks, but for significantly less than $199. 

It’s worth noting that Logoworks employs the most talented designers possible and delivers a polished, professional product. But, if you’re on a shoestring budget and you need to make your logo happen for under $100, you’ll be left out in the cold at Logoworks. 

Logoworks’ higher-tier packages include unlimited revisions, which is an important inclusion when it comes to logo design. Unfortunately, the same is not true for their more affordable offerings. Their basic and silver packages include three and five revisions, respectively. But, if you’re a bit indecisive, you could run out of revisions before you’re happy with your logo. 

The final complaint that some users have dealt with is that while Logoworks offers a satisfaction guarantee, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a money-back guarantee. If the completed project isn’t up to snuff, Logoworks will provide you with a refund. However, there is a non-refundable $99 service and processing fee you’ll be responsible for if you abandon the project, so it isn’t a full refund. 

Negative Logoworks Reviews 

Most users love the work they commission with Logoworks, but some clients have found the service to be lacking. Here’s what one negative reviewer had to say. 

Negative Logoworks Reviews

If you feel Logoworks is not right for you...

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Logoworks Pricing - What’s Logoworks’ Fee structure?

Logoworks offers fair and honest pricing that’s easy to understand. When working with this company, there should never be issues with going over budget, hidden fees, or unexplained charges. Instead, what you see on their site is what you pay for the completion of your project. 

As you’d imagine, Logoworks fees vary widely since they offer so many different design services. The majority of design services fall into the $100-600 range, and this includes practically all of the design services Logoworks offers, with the exception of websites that start at $999.

For exact pricing on a particular service, visit Logoworks pricing page for more exact information. For virtually all their design services, Logoworks starts with their base price, and the client can add additional services to their order if they’d like. 

For example, if you’re commissioning business cards using the basic design package for $99, you’ll have the option to add printing to your order for an additional fee, so you won’t have to take your design to a printer. 

Whether you choose a basic package or one of the more expensive and full-featured offerings, everything Logoworks does includes a dedicated product manager and a satisfaction guarantee. 

Your project manager acts as a liaison between you and your design team, ensuring that the work you receive is exactly how you envisioned it. If there are any issues throughout the process, relay them to your project manager, and they’ll have them addressed right away.

Every package Logoworks offers includes at least a few revisions, and their more comprehensive packages offer an unlimited number of revision requests.

If you’re unable to agree on your design after you’ve exhausted multiple revisions, Logoworks has your back. The company offers a satisfaction guarantee, and you’ll receive a refund if they can’t manage to produce a design that meets your needs.

Is Logoworks Worth it for Hiring?

For businesses looking for design work, Logoworks provides a wide range of services that can provide your business with the polished and professional look you need to succeed. While they’re best known for logo design, they do offer a full complement of design services and packages that can provide you with every piece of creative that your business needs from soup to nuts.

Most clients find that Logoworks delivers incredible value for what they charge. Plus, clients can feel good about who they’re working with since Logoworks doesn’t operate on spec and compensates all designers fairly for their time and effort on a project. 

Logoworks also goes above and beyond to provide their clients with a polished and professional design and an agency-quality experience. Businesses that are happy to invest in their future success, but don’t have the money to bring in the big guns for their design project are sure to love what Logoworks has to offer. 

Sure, there are ways to get design work done cheaper. If you’re hoping to get work done on a shoestring budget, there are several other freelance marketplaces you’ll want to look at more closely. Read up on our Designbro Review, Toptal Review, and Fiverr review to get a better idea of some freelance design services that may be a better fit for your business.

If you’re prepared to open your wallet to take your brand’s designs to the next level, Logoworks is one of the best solutions you’ll be able to find. 

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