Skyword Review: Is Skyword Worth It?

Jason Quey
February 15, 2024

Starting, managing, and growing your business sometimes takes more time and effort than you can manage. When one element, like content creation or managing social media, poses a challenge or takes too much time, it may be time to hire help. 

Thankfully, many freelance platforms offer to match you with talent for hire. is one option you may want to consider, especially since they provide content marketing software to help you manage your content. 

If you searched for freelance marketers and content managers for your business, you probably came across Skyword at some point. The following review of the Boston-based company can tell you everything you need to know about whether or not the content platform could be a fit for your business.

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How Skyword works

Skyword offers almost everything you need to build and execute a content marketing strategy, from ideation to brand amplification. The company meets with you to discuss your needs, quotes a price, and creates a custom solution for your business. You gain access to customer support and experienced specialists working together to help you hone and deliver your message to the right audience.

How Skyword works

Skyword software solution, Skyword360, helps you manage your content marketing program, social analytics, and talent. It increases functionality by connecting with many popular platforms, including Google Analytics, WordPress, Drupal, and SEMRush. 

An experienced team can help you build a content strategy that includes scaling and optimization. You can even request assistance finding talent to meet your needs.

Speaking of talent, Skyword employs an impressive collection of freelance writers, designers, videographers, and other specialists. Skilled freelancers can deliver the original content you need to succeed, including media and graphic design. 

Skyword provides an extensive collection of educational resources for clients, including industry-relevant reports, toolkits, and relevant videos. You can find helpful how-to videos and reports on marketing trends. 

Of note, even non-clients can download most of the content as long as you fill out their form with your email.

Skyword praise and pros

The Skyword platform is clean and attractive with an intuitive layout. It’s compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. The company appears to offer a range of services to meet the needs of freelancers, small businesses, medium businesses, and even large businesses.

You can access multiple features and handle every aspect of your content marketing strategy through one platform. Skyword appears to create a custom experience that works for your business and makes sense for your future goals. 

Skyword praise and pros

Skyword offers impressive tools to help you structure and organize content. This platform appears to function like a well-oiled machine with one goal, to deliver your company’s story to the right audience.

Skyword complaints and cons

To be honest, there’s not a lot to complain about from a business perspective. Pricing may be a little higher than the competition given that it’s not stated on the website, and they appear to offer freelancers above-average pay.

That said, there are several complaints from freelancers who worked for the company. It seems as if Skyword hires more talent than they need and may not manage their content team as well as they could. While that’s not necessarily a problem for the businesses seeking content, it may deter some high-quality freelancers.

Skyword Pricing - What’s Skyword’s fee structure?

Unfortunately, Skyword isn’t open about their pricing or fees. You can request a demo, but they don’t list any pricing on the site. Despite offering samples of work and customer stories, there’s no option to view pricing based on word count.

Skyword Pricing - What’s Skyword’s fee structure?

In fact, it isn’t easy to find information about the rates they pay freelancers and content marketers on their team. However, in reviews and articles written by existing and former content creators, many state that Skyword offers good pay compared to similar firms. Their site specifies that they pay their Content Contributors via PayPal.

Based on available information, it’s likely that Skyword comes in at the higher end of the pricing scale. However, for exact figures, you need to meet with their team.

Skyword reviews on G2

It always helps to hear what real users have to say about a marketing platform. We combed through three of our favorite sites to see what people have to say about working with Skyword.

G2 user ratings range from an 8.4 for ease of setup to 9.3 for quality of support. Skyword has more than 86 five-star reviews out of 110 total reviews on G2, a rather impressive feat. Of note, G2 had no luck securing a price range for Skyword either, though they suggest that you can expect mid-market costs based on user reviews.

With overwhelmingly positive reviews, we found many comments about the convenience, quality, and organization. Users commend the work they receive and note that Skyword alleviates the stress of working with teams on marketing projects. 

Many reviewers report using Skyword for content strategy, development, and organization. They praise the marketing calendar and planning features for improving workflow. 

Though most reviews on G2 fall in the positive category, there are some suggestions and even a few complaints. Recommendations include the need for some programming updates, like better grammar and spell check features. 

No product is perfect, and Skyword is not unique because there are a few complaints on G2. One user rated the platform one star for the “exorbitant cost” and noted that the freelance writing was “average at best.” 

A two-star review noted the process is clunky and it took too long to receive completed articles. Additionally, two three-star reviews mentioned the average quality of freelance work coupled with long delays throughout the process.

Skyword reviews on Capterra

Capterra has a fraction of the reviews that G2 gathered, but there’s still plenty to consider. Of the thirteen reviews on Capterra, Skyword averages 4.5 out of 5 stars overall. Though Capterra generally provides a clue about a platform’s cost, the site lists the starting price as “Not provided by vendor.”

Perhaps the most prevalent commentary about Skyword is their customer service. Several users commend their friendly, helpful, and dynamic team members. With remarks like “amazing people” and “great customer service,” it’s clear that Skyword’s people are the company’s greatest asset.

Capterra reviewers also appreciate the interface because it’s easy to use and loaded with team-friendly features. One user noted that the software “looks slick and dynamic.”

Though reviewers gave Skyword high marks on Capterra, there were a smattering of cons and suggestions for the platform. A few users noted that Skyword costs more than competitors even though you receive premium services. 

Additionally, some users complained about occasional glitches with software that impeded workflow and some lack of customization with certain components. Like the G2 reviews, there 

were some negative comments about delayed response times in receiving content.

Skyword reviews on TrustRadius

TrustRadius provides the fewest reviews with just nine ratings and only four within the past year. Skyword’s rating on TrustRadius is 6.3 out of 10, and it helps to know that the reviews come from verified users. Unlike some of the other review sites, none of these reviews come from Skyword’s freelance members.

Another bonus from TrustRadius is that the site does provide a little more insight into Skyword’s platform. You can view some screenshots and a short video from the company. 

Judging by Skyword’s rating on TrustRadius, it may seem like customers rated the platform poorly. However, that assumption may be premature because the four most recent reviews are 8 out of 10 or higher, and the overall customer service rating is 10/10. Of course, you can only see the four recent reviews.

The big takeaway from TrustRadius is that Skyword seems to deliver impressive customer service consistently. One user calls Skyword the “go-to for content development” and notes that the team took time to understand his business and brand identity.

Two reviewers applaud the organizational options and Skyword’s resources, namely SEO and analytics. They both commend the platform for ease of use and structural aids to keep you on task.

The complaints on TrustRadius are tougher to decipher because you only have access to four reviews. Each of the four praises Skyword, but three of the four offer some suggestions for improvement.

  • Improve the platform’s use on apps for mobile devices.
  • Adding an option for best practices would help bloggers.
  • Incorporate an option to review past versions of the copy instead of just the most recent edited one.

Is Skyword worth it?

Several major corporations, like Nationwide, Campbells, and MGM resorts, trust Skyword with their content. Though you don’t have to be a massive corporation to retain their services, it’s generally a good indication of a platform’s capabilities. 

It may be challenging to decide without speaking to the Skyword team, primarily since they don’t provide any indication about pricing on their website. However, it’s a good bet that they charge a premium price for access to software, strategy-building, and freelancing services.

Overall, Skyword seems legitimate with an excellent reputation for delivering on its promises. Even the complaints sound minor, except for the pricing issue. If Skyword can save you time and money in other areas, it may be worth the investment to grow your business.

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