DesignBro Alternatives: 11 Similar Sites Like DesignBro We Reviewed

Here's a comparison of competitor sites like DesignBro for hiring freelancers…

July 13, 2021

Outsourcing tasks to freelancers is an excellent way for business owners to free up some time and responsibilities. It lets you focus on the task at hand: running your company.

Whether you need someone to design your website or create a full brand identity design for your company, a top-quality design freelancer can do that for you.

That’s where DesignBro comes in.

DesignBro is a freelance hiring platform specifically for matching you with design-focused professionals.

Although it’s a popular design platform choice for its simplified brief process and system that lets you choose the “winner” for your project, it’s certainly not the only hiring platform you can use for creative services.

This guide features several of the top DesignBro alternatives in comparison form so that you can decide where to find a freelancer for your job.

Here are the 11 top DesignBro alternatives compared and reviewed in this article...

  1. CrowdSpring vs DesignBro 
  2. DesignCrowd vs DesignBro
  3. Designhill vs DesignBro
  4. Fiverr vs DesignBro
  5. vs DesignBro
  6. Hatchwise vs DesignBro
  7. Logomyway vs DesignBro
  8. Logoworks vs DesignBro
  9. vs DesignBro
  10. Toptal vs DesignBro
  11. Upwork vs DesignBro

Our recommended DesignBro alternatives are Toptal and

For design, dev, and finance projects, we recommend Toptal. Toptal does a fantastic job of screening and vetting their developers. This means you get high-quality employees without the added time and stress.

Only 3% of developers who apply get accepted into their program. Further, their hourly rates are what you would expect for hiring a software developer.

To learn more, you can ‍register with Toptal, read our comparison of Toptal and DesignBro, or read our full Toptal review.

For outsourcing projects at a lower price, consider outsourcing your project to a qualified designer on OnlineJobs has thousands of hard-working Filipino workers, many whom you can hire for $10 to $25 USD per hour.

To learn more, you can register with OnlineJobs, read our comparison of OnlineJobs and DesignBro, or read our full OnlineJobs review.

When comparing DesignBro to other sites like DesignBro, what should you look for?

DesignPro is a newer online marketplace created to help entrepreneurs like you find design talent quickly and easily. 

As an entrepreneur, you might find the process of running a project from start to finish on DesignPro far from your cup of tea.

This platform uses a contest-like strategy, choosing a few designers to work on your project for you after filling out the brief with details of what you’re looking for.

You’ll then choose your top three finalists to continue working on your project, ultimately deciding on just one to complete it and win the biggest share of the money.

This process is quite different from more traditional freelance sites where you browse freelancers with experience in design to find the right match for you.

Consider whether you prefer a more conventional, hands-on approach to finding a freelancer and if you plan to branch out into outsourcing other work beyond design when comparing DesignBro alternatives.

Here are some questions you may want to ask when looking for a DesignBro alternative:

  1. What types of professionals can I hire through the DesignBro alternative?
  2. What process does the platform use, if any, to vet its freelancers and ensure that you will receive a quality design? Do they offer any kind of money-back guarantee?
  3. Does the platform use an open-ended or contest-like model for hiring?
  4. How does the DesignBro alternative platform’s pricing structure work?

Here is a summary of the 11 DesignBro alternatives we compared and reviewed:

Crowdspring vs DesignBro 

Crowdspring vs DesignBro

Of all the DesignBro alternatives in this guide, Crowdspring is probably the most closely matched to DesignBro.

With Crowdspring, you’ll use the power of crowdsourcing to find the right designer for your job.

Fill out a detailed brief to add everything designers need to know about your project so they can get to work with an initial design.

You can send in feedback to help them craft and tweak their ideas toward a final design you love, choosing your top pick as the winner, just like DesignBro.

The primary difference between the two companies lies in their pricing structures.

DesignBro breaks up pricing and packages into content types, like logo design starting at $199 and website design from $499.

Crowdspring offers packages based on how many designs and the features you need instead. Its starting package is $299 for approximately 60 designs, which is an excellent way to save money if you have several design projects in store.

Learn more:

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DesignCrowd vs DesignBro

DesignCrowd vs DesignBro

DesignCrowd is another crowdsourcing platform for finding freelancers for all kinds of graphic design projects. These include logo creation, web design, packaging design, resume design, and more.

Both DesignCrowd and DesignBro let you choose from various design types to start your project, set the terms of your project, and narrow your choice of freelancers down by the initial designs they create for you.

DesignBro is a much newer service, though, so it doesn’t have quite the established database of professional freelancers as DesignCrowd, which boasts more than 870,000 freelancers.

When comparing DesignCrowd vs DesignBro, consider how many designs you’d like to look through.

DesignBro offers up to 10 per brief, while DesignCrowd will send you 100 or more, depending on your deadline and how popular your project is with freelancers.

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Designhill vs DesignBro

Designhill vs DesignBro

While DesignBro is somewhat limited in that it only has one process for delivering designs to you through its contest-like format, Designhill offers a few options.

One way to do it is through its Fiverr-like gigs, where designers can create their own listings for types of designing they do, like t-shirt designs or Twitter profile headers.

You can browse those gigs to choose a designer you want to work with.

There’s also a contest format, the ability to purchase premade designs, and an AI-powered logo maker that gives you unique logos based on your answers to its interactive template of questions.

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Fiverr vs DesignBro

Fiverr vs DesignBro

Fiverr is a platform where freelancers create gigs for others to buy. 

You can search for design freelancers, specifically, to find a gig for the type of design work you need.

Fiverr freelancers put together pricing packages based on different degrees of work for you to choose from.

You can communicate directly with the freelancer on the platform before work begins.

Fiverr could be a better choice for you than DesignBro if you want full control over choosing your freelancer and how much you’ll pay for the work.

Each freelancer has ratings, too, helping you decide who to pick.

Learn more:

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  2. Register with DesignBro. Or read our full DesignBro review -> vs DesignBro vs DesignBro

Choose who you want to work with on Freelancer, but it won’t come cheap.

This platform is more of an Upwork-style browse-and-choose-your-freelancer model, but you can start a project contest similar to DesignBro to get a feel for freelancers’ designs.

Where the problem lies is in the massive fees you’re likely to incur if you decide to start a project.

The fees on Freelancer start at 3% for awarded fixed-price projects and hourly project payments.

Your fees move up from there for things like Non-Disclosure Agreements, no-review projects, and extended bidding periods.

With DesignBro, the price you pay is much more transparent and all-inclusive to keep you more in-tune with your budget.

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Hatchwise vs DesignBro

Hatchwise vs DesignBro

Hatchwise gives you the option of choosing a regular crowdsourced contest for design work, which lasts up to ten days, or starting a rushed contest to get your design within 48 hours.

This adds a little flexibility compared to DesignBro, which doesn’t yet have the option of quick contests.

Otherwise, the sites are relatively similar, although you could spend less money at Hatchwise.

With packages starting at just $89 for 30 or more designs from about five designers, Hatchwise could be the right place for a quick, one-off design project.

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LogoMyWay vs DesignBro

LogoMyWay vs DesignBro

If a new logo is all you need, you might try a logo-specific design site like LogoMyWay.

LogoMyWay features logo contests that can net you up to 500 custom logo designs to choose from.

While you’ll undoubtedly get your pick of unique designs at your disposal, you might also feel overwhelmed with the number of choices you have.

On the plus side, you can add an image to your brief to help squeeze out non-relevant designs, giving you a good chance of getting the logo you envision.

An important note to consider: With LogoMyWay, you’ll need to pay an extra $99 to speak with an in-house designer to tailor your logo to your small business, but DesignBro allows this for free during your contest duration.

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Logoworks vs DesignBro

Logoworks vs DesignBro

Its name might be Logoworks, but this company actually offers graphic designers who can do various types of work including banner ads, business cards, and infographics. They can create everything you need to make a great first impression.

Logoworks is also totally against the crowdsourcing model that DesignBro and similar sites use, instead choosing to pay designers for their work even if their design isn’t the one you pick.

Packages start at $199 to work with one designer and two design concepts. You’ll also get a dedicated project manager who hand-selects the right designer for you.

If you’re in the market for a more managed design service than what DesignBro offers, Logoworks could be right for you.

Learn more:

  1. Register with Logoworks. Or read our full Logoworks review ->
  2. Register with DesignBro. Or read our full DesignBro review -> vs DesignBro vs DesignBro is a marketplace where you can find freelancers from the Philippines to complete your work.

You can even sign up and use the site for free for up to three projects, making this an excellent spot for one-time design projects.

Browse the site to find designers or opt to pay a $500 recruiting fee to have recruiters find the right freelancer for your job.

If you’re not comfortable with DesignBro’s crowdsourcing model, the payment structure at should make you happy, gifting your freelancer with their total earnings from the project.

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Toptal vs DesignBro

Toptal vs DesignBro

Toptal has a strict vetting process that allows only the top 3% of freelancers to make it through its cuts.

While DesignBro also vets designers, its process isn’t nearly as comprehensive as Toptal’s, which requires skill reviews, a live screening, test projects, and more.

Toptal does cover a wide range of freelancing types, but you can chat with a design expert to find the right designer for your project, usually giving you matches within 24 hours.

You’ll even get a two-week trial period with your designer to make sure they’re the right fit.

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Upwork vs DesignBro

Upwork vs DesignBro

Upwork is an all-around freelance-client matching platform similar to Freelancer and Toptal, so you won’t find any design contests here.

Its freelancers go through a vetting process before becoming established members of the site, proving their skills through their portfolio, certifications, and other prestigious credentials.

Upwork offers entrepreneurs the ability to view freelancer proposals and chat with prospects before a project begins through the in-house chat, phone, or video system.

You’ll pay for your project in the form of a 3% fee for each payment, which could be for the full project or broken-up milestones, rather than a flat-price like DesignBro.

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Find the DesignBro competitor that works for you

Choosing a freelancer absolutely does not need to be an overwhelming process, which is why sites like DesignBro exist.

This guide should give you a better idea of what kind of site you want for hiring a designer.

DesignBro and similar sites feature a contest-like crowdsourcing marketplace model that lets you choose from different potential designs.

Like our highly-recommended Toptal, freelance design agencies give you a bit more freedom to choose what freelancer to work with based on your project.

Consider which model is best for your need before choosing DesignBro or DesignBro alternatives, and you’ll be on your way to finding your next designer.