WriterAccess Review: Is WriterAccess Worth It?

Jason Quey
February 4, 2021

WriterAccess is a freelance platform that brings clients and freelance writers together in a safe space. The site prides itself on vetting freelancers, so clients trust that they are getting access to the best of the best. WriterAccess uses its own system of star ratings to review freelancers. 

Before you decide that this Boston-based content mill is the right fit for your content marketing strategy, check out our review. 

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How WriterAccess works

WriterAccess began in 2005, getting in on the ground floor of freelance websites. They launched their specialized platform five years later. The platform specializes in content writing. More than 15,000 writers find jobs from well-known brands like Microsoft and AAA. 

WriterAccess offers a search tool that lets clients quickly find qualified freelancers. Clients are called customers. They can try the platform for 14 days before committing to one of their payment tiers. Customers search for freelancers through the star rating, as each project and freelancer is rated somewhere between two and six stars. 

Freelancers can get started by completing an application. WriterAccess reviews each application to determine if the freelancer will be a good fit. They offer testing and screening to find out exactly what freelancers can do. 

Once WriterAccess approves an application, they assign the freelancer a star rating and pay range. Interestingly, WriterAccess calls freelancers rising stars if they do well. They also have falling stars, which are freelancers who are not delivering quality content or completing projects on time. Freelancers are paid per word, and they get 70% of the per-word rate they are assigned. 

Star levels can go up and down based on the website’s algorithm. The increases and decreases depend on client reviews, completed orders, and blind editor ratings. WriterAccess awards six stars to their experienced writers, who often write highly technical pieces and complete deadlines on time. 

Writers with two stars have a basic grasp of grammar and mechanics. They are often new to the site. New writers have passed the WriterAccess screening procedures but have not yet proven that they can write complex pieces. 

Before a writer begins on WriterAccess, they have to prove their identity. WriterAccess asks for ID. The site also monitors the IP addresses of their writers to be sure they really are native speakers. 

Writers like that they can access a forum with questions and support. They also like that they always know where they stand on the platform. Writers do not have to devise a payment system, as WriterAccess gives them a pricing range based on their star rating. 

WriterAccess praise and pros

Customers appreciate how WriterAccess vets writers and ranks them according to their ability and skills in freelance writing. The star rating gives clients an immediate idea of what freelancers can do. 

WriterAccess only hires native English speakers from countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Ireland. Customers can choose freelancers based on their home countries. They can also narrow freelancers by their states. 

WriterAccess gives customers a money-back guarantee on all order content. The site offers customers two options if they are unhappy with the work they receive. Clients can request a refund, or they can have a different copywriter redo the work. 

WriterAccess also runs a Copyscape report on all of their work. This ensures that it is original content that will help your site’s SEO. 

Customers also appreciate the robust help desk offered on the platform. If customers have problems, customer service professionals will help them with any issue. Customer service experts will also help customers find the perfect expert to complete their writing job. 

WriterAccess also offers two royalty-free images with each post. If customers want more images with their projects, they can pay for Getty or Shutterstock images. They can also pay for more royalty-free images. 

Another favorite feature for customers is their ability to work with their favorite writers. Being able to do this gives customers a consistent writing style on their websites. Customers who want to find new writers can use the site’s robust search feature that relies on AI to match writers to projects. 

Another benefit of WriterAccess is its cost compared to the other popular freelancing sites. Their competitive review includes costs per month and all of the benefits offered on each site. Customers can immediately decide which big platform can best meet their needs and their budgets. 

WriterAccess praise and pros

WriterAccess complaints and cons

WriterAccess has been in business for over a decade, proving it is a site that customers like to use. However, the site is not perfect. Having so many freelancers can make it difficult for some clients to find the right person. WriterAccess will find freelancers for clients, but only if they pay for premium services. 

Clients do not like that they have to pay by the word and for the platform use fee. Some clients do not like to pay by the word count. Instead, they would rather pay a fixed amount so they can better prepare their budgets. 

WriterAccess has an AI bot to help freelancers and customers with any questions they have. While this might seem like a benefit, it is actually problematic because the bot never goes away. The little bot becomes a nuisance as it takes up precious space on the screen. 

WriterAccess pricing - What’s WriterAccess’s fee structure?

WriterAccess offers several pricing options for clients. After a 14-day free trial, customers who want to continue using WriterAccess have to pay for the services. The Basic program allows one user to access the site, hire writers, and use their tools for $39 per month. Remember that customers also have to pay the per-word cost for each project. 

The next level of service is Pro, which costs $79 per month. This level allows up to 10 users to access the freelancers and tools. Pro users can access freelancers like illustrators, photographers, and writers. They have access to tools like BuzzSumo, language graders, and SERP tracking. 

WriterAccess pricing includes the Premium tier which costs $99 per month for an unlimited number of users. At the Premium level, customers have access to content managers and strategists, copy editors, and translators. They can use tools like analytics reports, persona builders, white-label solutions, and multi-client publishing. 

WriterAccess pricing - What’s WriterAccess’s fee structure?

WriterAccess clients can also use managed services. With managed services, WriterAccess will find freelancers, structure the orders, and minimize workflow for clients. When clients use the managed services, they can work on their business rather than manage freelancers and their projects. 

The managed services start at $349 for the Essential package, including order setup, talent management, topic ideation, and more. For the $749 Advanced package, WriterAccess will do everything in the Essential package as well as blog and social media publishing, image research, and more. 

WriterAccess also offers a custom package option for businesses that want some managed services, but not all of them. Businesses that choose managed services must also have a Basic, Pro, or Premium package. WriterAccess allows clients to pay by the month so that clients can start and cancel at any time. 

WriterAccess pricing - What’s WriterAccess’s fee structure?

The payment structure is simple for freelancers. They are paid on a per-word basis. WriterAccess pays 70% of the project to the freelancer. Pay is sent to Paypal on the 4th and 19th of the month. The simple pay rates and regular payment delivery gives freelancers a clear picture of their earnings. 

WriterAccess reviews on G2

Several reviewers on G2 have shared their thoughts on WriterAccess. Of the 12 reviews on G2, the overall rating is four out of five stars. Reviewers appreciate the easy-to-use platform, the support team, and the quality of the freelancers on the site. 

Freelancers who reviewed WriterAccess appreciated the ease of finding writing jobs with clear instructions. One reviewer said that the content choices were limited. Many of the topics were related to cars or insurance. 

WriterAccess reviews on G2

WriterAccess reviews on FinancesOnline

According to FinancesOnline, WriterAccess is a quality site to use. They rank WriterAccess in their top 20 freelance platforms. The site gave WriterAccess an 8.6 SmartScore. Two reviewers gave WriterAccess 3.5 out of five stars. 

One reviewer liked the portal and found it easy to work with freelancers. The other did not like the customer service but did like the access to a large number of writers. 

Is WriterAccess worth it?

WriterAccess offers clients top-notch writing services for an affordable price. Clients can also choose their freelancers and the rate they want to pay. With over 15,000 freelancers on the platform, clients should be able to find one that fits their needs. Since WriterAccess has so many options for clients, the website is worth it. 

Writers who are looking for work can find it on WriterAccess. Unlike other websites, freelancers do not have to pay to access job opportunities. Once freelancers are approved, they can begin working and earning their pay per word. Writers earn 70% of what clients pay, and WriterAccess takes pride in making their payment structure transparent for talent. 

Clients can work with their favorite freelancers as often as possible, which benefits both the client and the freelancer. WriterAccess offers opportunities for writers, editors, content strategists, and translators. Freelancers can work in one or all four types of accounts, but they must be approved for all types of work.

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