Crowdspring Alternatives: 10 Similar Sites Like Crowdspring We Reviewed

Here's a comparison of competitor sites like CrowdSpring for hiring freelancers...

July 13, 2021

Hiring freelancers is an effective way for business owners to get work completed faster, but is Crowdspring the right place to go? There are many factors to consider when you research freelance platforms. is one of the leading graphic design content services online, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only one available. There are many Crowdspring alternatives, but are they as reliable? You’ll find out soon as we compare Crowdspring to similar sites.

Here are the 10 top Crowdspring alternatives compared in this article...

  1. Toptal vs. Crowdspring
  2. vs. Crowdspring
  3. DesignBro vs. Crowdspring
  4. 99Design vs. Crowdspring
  5. Fiverr vs. Crowdspring
  6. Designhill vs. Crowdspring
  7. Hatchwise vs. Crowdspring
  8. Upwork vs. Crowdspring
  9. Freelancer vs. Crowdspring
  10. DesignCrowd vs. Crowdspring

Our recommended Crowdspring alternative is DesignBro

Rather than making you look at dozens of designs to find the best for your brand, DesignBro simplifies the process by screening the graphic designers.

Because you don't pay for designs you do not need, DesignBro's price is lower than what you would pay at Crowdspring.

To learn more, you can register with DesignBro, read our comparison of DesignBro and Crowdspring, or read our full DesignBro review.

When comparing Crowdspring to other sites like Crowdspring, what should you look for?

The first thing you should consider is what kind of work you need to outsource. Some freelance marketplaces offer a range of services, such as Upwork and Fiverr. Or, you can opt for sites like Crowdspring and Toptal, which offer only a few services but at an expert level.

Consider how one site compares to the next. Maybe it’s more beginner-friendly with an easy interface, or more affordable without compromising quality.

Here are some questions you may want to ask when looking for a Crowdspring alternative: 

  1. Does this site offer services that suit my needs?
  2. Is this site within my budget?
  3. How does this site choose freelancers? For example, how does the site screen new freelancers?
  4. Are there any experts in my niche?
  5. How soon can I expect to receive the completed work? Is there a money-back guarantee in case I don’t like the results?

Here is a summary of the 10 Crowdspring alternatives we compared and reviewed

Toptal vs Crowdspring

Toptal vs Crowdspring

Toptal offers a broader range of freelance services than Crowdspring, making it a more obvious choice if you’re outsourcing work outside of the graphic design genre.

Freelancers at Toptal have to pass a strict five-step screening process that includes everything from a thorough language and personality test to a live screening.

According to Toptal, only three percent of freelancers pass their fifth step, which is a continuous screening of the freelancer’s work. If the quality declines or they fail to communicate correctly, Toptal will let them go.

Once you find a freelancer for your project, you have to submit a deposit of $500. If you decide not to go through with the hiring process, Toptal will refund your money.

Toptal is an excellent alternative to Crowdspring if you have the budget.

Learn more:

  1. Register with Toptal. Or read our full Toptal review ->
  2. Register with Crowdspring. Or read our full Crowdspring review -> vs Crowdspring vs Crowdspring is a job site dedicated to hiring people from the Philippines. This platform, founded in 2006, has grown to become one of the largest Filipino virtual assistant sites available. 

The site offers virtual assistants with expertise in various subjects, such as real estate, SEO, etc. It’s also possible to find freelancers qualified as WordPress developers, Amazon experts, bookkeepers, video and photo editors, and more. doesn’t take a commission from the freelancers, making rates relatively affordable. You can expect prices to start at $300.

Before hiring a virtual assistant, you have to do your own screening to scope out suitable employees. Another slight downside to is that most VAs are in the Philippines, so you have to consider the time difference.

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DesignBro vs Crowdspring

DesignBro vs Crowdspring

Out of all the alternatives, DesignBro is most similar to Crowdspring as both sites offer a range of services within the graphic design niche.

DesignBro employs a tough screening process similar to Toptal when recruiting freelancers. That shows up in its reviews, as most entrepreneurs have rated the site between four and five stars for the services.

Unlike other design marketplaces, you won’t get overwhelmed with hundreds of options to pick from on your project. Instead, you’ll receive a few quality designs to review. DesignBro includes a briefing tool to guide you through the process. 

As far as pricing goes, DesignBro and Crowdspring offer similar rates. At DesignBro, a custom logo design will start at $199, whereas Crowdspring begins around $200.

Overall, due to the slightly higher quality control DesignBro offers, we’d say it’s a good alternative to Crowdspring.

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99Designs vs Crowdspring

99Designs vs Crowdspring

99Designs is another graphic design platform that connects entrepreneurs with designers. It offers one-on-one projects or gives you the option of hosting a “design contest” similar to Crowdspring. 

If you start a contest, you’ll see that there are different pricing tiers for each category of design: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You’ll only have the opportunity to work with more experienced designers at Gold or Platinum. 

The platform uses a simple 5-star rating system to help you scope out the best designers. However, Crowdspring gets the upper hand here with its “Reputation Score,” which gives you more details about the designer.

Overall, 99Designs is very similar to Crowdspring. Both sites offer the same services and similar quality. If you’re on a budget, 99Designs will be more affordable, but if you want slightly better overall quality, Crowdspring is a better choice.

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Fiverr vs Crowdspring

Fiverr vs Crowdspring

Fiverr is a well-known freelance platform that offers services in nearly all categories. It’s easy to find affordable offers, and you often receive a good number of bids on your projects.

Should Fiverr be your go-to as opposed to Crowdspring? Probably not.

When outsourcing freelancers on Fiverr, it can be tough to separate the good from the bad. Low-cost gigs can hurt your business, even if you go for a five-star rated freelancer.

Crowdspring offers more quality control, and you get to choose between professional designers. Fiverr allows anyone to join, meaning it’s tricky to scope out the more experienced freelancers.

Additionally, Crowdspring offers you more ways to get your desired design (through one-on-one sessions or contests). In contrast, Fiverr will simply connect you to multiple freelancers who bid on your job.

Which site to choose depends on your budget. You can find offers starting at $5 on Fiverr, whereas a one-on-one project starts at $200 on Crowdspring.

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Designhill vs Crowdspring

Designhill vs Crowdspring

Designhill is more than just a freelance platform; it’s also a social network where creative designers can share their work and draw inspiration from each other. When looking to hire, you’ll find plenty of content to review before you begin the hiring process. 

As a buyer, you can choose between similar services as available on Crowdspring, including one-on-one sessions and design contests. The third option is to simply browse the site’s graphic design services and invite a designer to come work with you.

Furthermore, the site also features a marketplace where you can browse through designs that freelancers have already completed. This will give you a quick insight into the designer you’re considering for your next project.

When you sign up for Designhill, you pay a monthly subscription between $249 and $999, depending on the plan you choose. 

Crowdspring is pricier but has a slightly larger designer pool to choose from, and the site claims to give you more submissions per package.

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Hatchwise vs Crowdspring

Hatchwise vs Crowdspring

Hatchwise is an international company with designers from around the world. The site offers various graphic designs but focuses more on website design, slogans, and product naming.

There are two ways for you to get your work done. The “standard” contests give freelancers ten days to create a design for you. Like other sites, you can then choose which one you like the most and then continue working with that freelancer. 

The second option is a “rush project,” meaning you’ll receive ready designs in a matter of two days. Rush projects generally receive more submissions; however, the rate is also slightly higher.

Hatchwise is one of the more affordable crowdsourcing sites, with prices nearly half of what Crowdspring charges. 

One downside to Hatchwise is that freelancers are less likely to spend time creating a sample for you. This is because the creators don’t get paid unless you pick them, urging many to spend less time and effort on samples.

This is an issue across most crowdsourcing sites, but it’s slightly more pronounced on Hatchwise.

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Upwork vs Crowdspring

Upwork vs Crowdspring

Upwork is another mega-freelance site with services in almost all categories and over 14 million freelancers. Because of this massive scale, there are more freelancers than buyers, which means you’ll likely get an abundance of bids on your project.

When searching for freelancers on Upwork, it’s essential to have a plan in place before choosing one for your project. You can read more about the process we recommend in our Upwork review.

Upwork is quick at removing accounts that seem fake or “scammy,” reducing your chances of accidentally hiring a phony freelancer.

For easy projects that don’t require advanced skills, Upwork could be a good place to hire. However, if you need a reliable, highly-skilled freelancer, Crowdspring is a better pick.

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Freelancer vs Crowdspring

Freelancer vs Crowdspring might be among the largest freelance networks (slightly smaller than Upwork), but you must consider if it’s worth your time.

The large scale of the site means you’ll receive handfuls of bids for your projects that you have to sort through, which can be time-consuming.

All applicants are admitted to the site, which means there’s no real quality control. That means that you’re hiring at your own risk.

Due to these issues, the more expensive plans and fees at Crowdspring are well worth it.

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DesignCrowd vs Crowdspring

DesignCrowd vs Crowdspring

DesignCrowd offers a range of services within the graphic design niche, including logo design, website design, and even cartoon characters. 

All you do is post a project, listing the type of design you’re after and how you want it to look. Freelancers will then create a design close to your liking and submit it for you to review.

The site also offers template designs, but these are more basic, and you won’t get the same personal touch as you’d get from posting a project.

You have to set a budget when posting a project, but if you aren’t happy with what you receive once the contest is over, you can request a full refund.

Unlike Crowdspring, DesignCrowd uses minimal screening for new designers. This means the quality of work can be somewhat unpredictable.

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Find the Crowdspring competitor that works for you

Finding a freelance designer for your next project is exciting. But whether you run a small business or a corporation, it is essential that you choose the right online marketplace. The platform should offer experts in your niche, and it should fit your budget.

DesignBro and Toptal are two excellent Crowdspring alternatives. Both sites offer access to experts in various niches. If you choose to go through larger networks such as Upwork or Fiverr, be ready to do some screening yourself before hiring a freelancer.