Hire a Freelance Database Developer or Engineer on These 8 Superior Sites

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January 14, 2021

Part of establishing a successful business is building it up with workers that want to see your vision come to life as much as you do. 

Perhaps you’re looking for a database developer or programmer who can: 

  1. Help your company with database design and database development.
  2. Take over database management using database applications like PostgreSQL, Oracle’s MySQL databases, MS SQL Server, and MongoDB.
  3. Work on website optimization and backend development using tools like Microsoft ASP.
  4. Work with programming languages like SQL, Java, Javascript, PHP, and Python

If you have come up against developers that weren't as focused, you understand how this can weaken a team and the quality of work produced. 

To avoid such a negative experience, consider the sites below. Our top picks represent the best options to help you hire database developers that fit the work you need. 

8 Best Sites for Hiring Database Developers

8 Best Sites for Hiring Database Developers

1. Toptal


Toptal advertises as having the top 3% of freelance business and tech talent available. This is for a good reason. Their vetting process is one of a kind, as they work to sift through applicants to find professional developers that are ready to go.

Toptal interviews potential freelancers to evaluate English proficiency and general personality to ensure easy communication when working with clients. This preliminary step leads to several skills tests, such as portfolio reviews, assessments, and problem-solving tasks. 

Take advantage of the trial period to make choosing Toptal risk-free. Your satisfaction is their top priority. This means the work on their end won't stop until you have a data professional familiar with the platforms and data systems that fit your business. 

Having access to expertly-trained and screened freelance database developers through Toptal makes it easy to assemble a team that produces top-tier work. 

Learn More:

  1. Go to Toptal.
  2. Read our full Toptal Review.
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2. X-Team


X-Team places the developers themselves at the focus of their company. This unique approach means that they offer learning and growth opportunities that allow their freelancers to stay motivated. 

X-Teamers are recruited or referred by available developers and are then vetted for the right skills and expertise. When looking at your database needs, X-Teams can offer you individual freelancers or a team within a few weeks to set you up for success. They also have flexible options for contract duration and hiring on a part-time basis rather than full-time, if need be. 

Working with X-Team is an easy process. After filling out a short form, they will contact you to establish your situation. This will allow them to get a feel for what level of expertise you will need, your company culture, and what your budget will allow. Since X-Team also works with worldwide developers, you will be able to set up what timezone you usually work in. 

Use X-Team to work with a company driven to improve your website and quality of your brand across the board by supporting developers that they work with on every level. 

Learn More: 

  1. Go to X-Team.
  2. Read our full X-Team Review.
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3. Lemon.io


Lemon.io is your go-to source for high-quality developers if you are just starting your business. Made for startups, they promise budget-friendly options and a 24-hour match guaranteed. 

Their website lets you know right from the start what Lemon.io values most. They want to support your goal of finding a database developer that matches the skills and personality that your project requires. Compared to other platforms used to hire database developers, Lemon is incredibly transparent with their vetting process, fees, and other details. 

The 5-stage vetting process involves a review of a candidate's resume. This is followed by a background check. After this, Lemon is looking for communications skills through verbal and written tests. A coding task is also given to test those hard skills in database language. To cap off the process, a candidate will go through a live interview to assess personality and work ethic. 

Consider Lemon.io for their startup-friendly plans and quick turn-around time. Their managers will be able to help you save time finding the best database developer for your team. 

Learn more: 

  1. Go to Lemon.io.
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4. Fiverr


As a marketplace for digital services, Fiverr offers a one-stop-shop for freelancers to offer their services or "gigs." With categories like graphics to writing to programming and tech, Fiverr is a broad landscape to navigate. This might be appealing to some entrepreneurs looking for multiple services and are ok with multiple workers and transactions. 

As for hiring database developers, you might have to hunt to find the freelancer you need. Fiverr offers some rankings to help you decipher which sellers are more reliable. Their requirements get more stringent as a seller goes through the first two levels and the Top-Rated Seller level, where a freelancer is evaluated based on their past performances, delivery times, and ratings. 

Consider using Fiverr if you have time to dedicate to evaluate potentially broader candidates and more postings. 

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5. Upwork


Built on helping a friend connect with remote work for a startup, Upwork values community, teamwork, and the future of remote job opportunities in tech. They are connecting professionals in web development, SEO, social media, and other related areas. 

Upwork offers options to find individual freelancers or to search for development agencies if that fits your project. Getting started involves posting your developer job and explaining what expertise it will require. Then, sit back and let Upwork analyze their candidates to highlight the best options for you. 

The candidates are authenticated through email, ID, and video. They are also able to take online skills tests. You can then evaluate those scores along with feedback from other projects to help you make your decision. Upwork does clarify that they provide only initial screening. Further screening of skills, knowledge, and work ethic is your responsibility. 

Learn More: 

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6. Triplebyte


Triplebyte boasts the largest directory of vetted software engineers in the industry. Their goal is twofold. They are looking to help tech developers learn about new opportunities and back up their skills. Also, they are looking to help employers find the top tech talent by pre-screening their candidates.

Triplebyte offers quizzes on different tech topics as a first step in the evaluation process for candidates. These quizzes test skill levels with short coding or other specific questions. If the specialization area requires it, the applicant could do a technical interview to evaluate their skills further. 

From Lite to Team, Triplebyte has tiers to cover what level of support you may need. Lite includes a limited search and fewer candidates pushed in your search results. Next, the Professional package for larger companies ramps up search filters and candidate pool to over 80k. The last level is for a team and promises an account manager and tools like Slack. 

Learn More: 

  1. Go to Triplebyte.
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7. OnlineJobs.ph


If you are looking to expand your database developer search to the Philippines, OnlineJobs.ph has you covered. They understand that it may seem unreliable to hire workers from another country. To help with this, they promote outsourcing to Filipino workers and establishing a trusting relationship with them. 

OnlineJobs.ph works like an open job posting forum. You, as an employer, can post a project that you are looking to find help with. Search for a candidate based on the skills you are looking for. The next step is conducting a normal interview, making an offer, and then managing your team. 

Do not rely on OnlineJobs.ph to find your recruit for you. They emphasize that the success rate for finding the best database developer for your project depends on your recruiting process. Their team does offer the option to narrow down the candidate list for you. They highlight that this is the last option for employers who truly need it. 

Learn More:

  1. Go to OnlineJobs.ph.
  2. Read our full OnlineJobs.ph Review.
  3. Find OnlineJobs.ph Alternatives.

8. Gigster


Gigster has created a talent network that includes developers, designers, and project managers from various backgrounds. They source these professionals for companies to build their teams, raise productivity, and deliver value. 

With a focus on nurturing innovation, Gigster verifies and assesses the talent that it networks with. They are looking for skills as well as efficiency for their elastic staffing model. The talent ranking system they have scores team members based on their project performance. 

Overall, Gigster wants to deliver your company a product as quickly as possible once they evaluate what your business needs. Their freelancers may be mostly part-time to fill in for the workload of various projects as needed. This might work for what you need. For some, it might prove difficult to communicate with someone who has multiple tasks at hand. 

Gigster has a long-standing reputation in the tech world. If this is a priority for you, it is worth considering their services for your future projects. 

Learn More:

  1. Go to Gigster.
  2. Read our full Gigster Review.
  3. Find Gigster Alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hiring a Freelance Database Developer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hiring a Freelance Database Developer

Here are some of the most common questions about hiring a freelance database developer.

What is a database developer?

A database developer designs, programs, constructs, and implements new databases. They may also edit and update existing databases as needed for functional requirements. 

What questions should I ask the hiring platforms that I am interested in?

Asking questions upfront will help you choose which platform will work best for you. Ask how they evaluate candidates, if at all. Establish how their pricing structure works and if they can work your budget. Lastly, ensure they have a guarantee or other system that allows you to have flexible options. 

How much does it cost to hire a freelance database developer?

The cost for businesses in the United States to hire a freelance database developer can vary depending on years of experience. Different hiring platforms have varying price points. 

Some, such as Fiverr, allow freelancers to set their prices for individual tasks as low as five dollars. Hiring a senior database developer or other computer science expert could cost significantly more.

Most freelancer sites will also have other project and processing fees to add to your total cost. It is important to clarify what those will be upfront. 



While it initially may seem like a simple task in the large scheme of your business, hiring a freelance database developer can quickly be an overwhelming process. After evaluating what skills you are looking for and what budget range you can offer, choosing one of the sites recommended above should help bring your search to a fruitful end. 

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We Examined 8 Websites to Hire an Expert Database Developer

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